Automobilista 2 – Update V1.4.5.2 & New DLC Packs Released

Automobilista 2 - Update V1.4.5.2 & New DLC Packs Rekleased
Automobilista 2 McLaren Senna

Reiza Studios has released 3 new DLC packs for Automobilista 2 and updated the racing simulator to V1.4.5.2.

The new packs are the Brazilian Racing Legends DLC, the Supercars Pt1 DLC, and the Historical Track Pack DLC. Note that the new Historical Track Pack also lists the Australian Bathurst 1983 track, but is not yet available in-game. The track will be added over the course of January.

Check out the full content and updates list below for more info.

Automobilista 2 is currently available via Steam for €11,09 (70% price reduction). The Automobilista 2 + 2020-2021 Season Pass Bundle is available for €58,57€ (54% price reduction).

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V1.4.3.3 -> V1.4.5.2 Changelog:



  • Added Nissan R89C to Group C class
  • Added Nissan R390 GT1 to GT1 class
  • Added 2017 Nissan GT-R to GT3 class
  • Added new F-Classic Gen3 class (4 generic models)

Brazilian Racing Legends Pt1 DLC:

  • Added Brabham BT49 to F-Retro Gen2 Class
  • Added Brabham BT52 to Formula Retro Gen3 Class
  • Lotus 98T Added to F-Classic Gen1 Class
  • Added Mclaren MP4/4 to F-Classic Gen2 Class
  • Added Mclaren MP4/5B to F-Classic Gen3 class
  • Added Mclaren MP4/6 to F -Classic Gen4 class

Supercars Pt1 DLC:

  • Added Mclaren Senna, Brabham BT62 to new Hypercars Class
  • Added Corvette C8 Z06 to Supercars Class

Historical Track Pack DLC:

  • Added Cascais 1988
  • Added Jerez 1988


  • Added Random Failure Scale option
  • Added pit speed limit option to single race.
  • Added rule/content filter presets for custom events
  • Added Multiplayer support for Timescaling random failures
  • AI can now DLC vehicles even if the user does not own them
  • Added 40+ years of real historical weather data for the locations that were missing it (Buskerud, Campo Grande, Curvelo, Goiania, Guapore, Indianapolis, Ortona, Velocitta
  • Adjusted gamepad damping bounds to allow smaller base levels and removed some baked-in non-linearity
  • Updated Logitech TrueForce implementation following Logitech´s recommended specification
  • Renamed F-Classic Gen3 as F-Classic Gen4
  • Renamed Street Cars class as Supercars class


  • Added secondary mapping options for main vehicle motion inputs on the main menu controls screen
  • Added controller binding options for increase/decrease fuel map (Note: existing profiles will need to manually rebind these or reset the user set to activate)
  • Added secondary bind options for the vehicle tab of the main menu assignments page
  • Fixed missing localization of cockpit configuration button
  • Added Failure scale setting to lobby session details pane
  • Fixed HUD Radar color logic


  • Minor adjustment to F-USA Speedway tire tread (all gens) Street F-Retro Gen2
  • Enabled bump draft and sidedraft physics in all tracks (was enabled only in Oval tracks)
  • Added Advanced Mechanical Damage Modeling for Stock Car Brasil 2019-2022, Super V8, Copa Truck, Stock Omega 1999, Sprint race, ARC Camaro, Lancer Cup, Street Cars, and Supercars. F-3, F-Trainer & F-Vee, Copa Classic, Hot Cars, Opala (all models), Caterham (all models), GT5
  • Revised loose wheel failure stress thresholds and added wing failure for F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, F-V10 (both gens), F-Reiza, F-Ultimate (both gens), F-USA (all gens)
  • Revised loose wheel failure stress thresholds on all cars with AMDM
  • FFB adjustments for Group C, GT1, GT3 (all models) Cadillac DPi, F-V12, GT1, GTE, GT3, GT4, Group C, BMW Procar
  • Brabham BT46B: Revised fan physics & added ambient pressure effect; Adjusted aero for new fan physics
  • F-USA (All gen oval variants): Decreased dirty air effect on cooling
  • F-Classic G1M1: Adjusted ultimate power output and default boost pressure
  • F-Classic G1M2: Revised engine with a new turbo, fuel consumption, and power output to diversify the class
  • Lotus 79: Minor aero adjustments
  • Brabham BT46: Updated fan car physics
  • F-Classic (all models): Corrected front tire dimensions; revised gear mis-shifting tolerance
  • AMDM: Added wing failure logic to older open wheelers from F-Vintage Gen2 to F-Retro Gen3; Increased risk of oil and turbo failure on GT-type cars
  • Added support for individual front / rear onboard adjustable roll bars & disabled rear roll bars for F-Classics (all gens), F-Retros Gen2 & 3 , SprintRace; Disabled onboard roll bars altogether for Metalmoro AJRs, Mercedes CLK LM, Mclaren MP4/12 (still incorrectly had it enabled)
  • Corvette GTP: Slightly raised CoG height
  • Fixed CTD with Omega Stock Car 1999


Adjusted AI code for less hesitation when trying to overtake on straights
Fixed a bug that could cause AI to pit too often due to tire wear
Rebuilt GT3 Ai roster to include Nissan GT-R GT3.
Updated Stock Car Brazil 2022 driver levels to reflect final championship results
AI calibration pass for F-Retro Gen2
Improved AI lines in the following specific cases: when defending position, when avoiding lateral contact with a human player, when avoiding corner-cutting; Improved detection of incidents that lead to yellow flags or full course yellow.
Adjusted AI lateral movement ratio (generally less jerky moves to try to overtake)
Spa Francorchamps 1970: New AI fast lines & performance adjustments
Further AI calibration for F-Vintage Gen1&2


  • Further adjustments to wall reflections
  • Set up F-Classic Gen1 M2 with BMW I4 sounds


  • Spa Francorchamps 2020/2022: Add additional portable light tower at Eau Rouge
  • Spa Francorchamps 1970: Set 1000km layout Max AI participants to 32
  • Added custom grip range for Kyalami Historic for slightly less grip & updated range for Cleveland


  • Added support for driver outfit livery overrides
  • Added support for driver helmet livery overrides for all remaining formula cars
  • Updated cockpit Motec to include the following info: TC settings; shifting lights for the M8 and the 911 RSR; pictogram headlights on the Corvette C8 R display; 2nd page on the RSR (3rd still needed)
  • Adjusted undertray sparks logic
  • Opal (all models): Added tachometer damping function
  • Corvette C3: Speedometer units converted to MPH
  • McLaren MP4/4: Fixed rain drops issue on the cockpit glass
  • Corvette C8R: Fixed revs jumping between shifts in rare cases
  • StockCar Omega: Fixed stikers flickering issue
  • Mclaren 720 GT3: Fixed misaligned hood in the cockpit view
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