Automobilista 2 – Update V1.4.8.1 And Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya DLC Released

Automobilista 2 - Update  V1.4.8.1 And Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya DLC Released
Automobilista 2 Formula Junior

Reiza Studios has deployed Update build V1.4.8.1 for the Automobilista 2 racing simulator.

The update introduces the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya DLC, the Formula USA 2023 as part of Racin´ USA Pt3 and all packages that include it, as well as the Formula Junior, which is free for all owners of the base game.

For all the details check out the full changelog below.

Automobilista 2 is currently available via Steam for €36,99. The Automobilista 2 + 2020-2021 Season Pass Bundle is available for €114,28.

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Reiza Studios Quote:

Automobilista 2 V1.5 PHYSICS REVISIONS


As per the latest dev update, V1.4.8 includes extensive physics revisions to an initial batch of car classes, revisions which are expected to be completed for all cars in the game by the update that follows this one, 4-5 weeks from now (v1.5.0).

IMPORTANT: all revised cars 

MUST have the setup reset – users can do so either by resetting each model individually from their setup menu or for all cars by deleting your local Documents\Automobilista 2\savegame\123456789\automobilista 2\vehiclesetups folder (please note however this would also delete your existing setups from currently unrevised cars that don´t require the reset yet).

The AI dry performance is meant to be well calibrated to the player performance for all classes already revised – if you still notice any discrepancies please report the car/track combo along with eventual specific details. Wet weather is still in progress, and we will deliver some further updates in the coming day to address the major discrepancies that may still persist.


  • Formula Retro Gen1 (all models)
  • Formula Retro Gen2 (all models)
  • Formula Retro Gen3 (all models)
  • Formula Classic Gen1 (all models)
  • Formula Classic Gen2 (all models)
  • Formula Classic Gen3 (all models)
  • Formula Classic Gen4 (all models)
  • Formula Inter
  • Formula USA Gen1 (all models)
  • Formula USA Gen2 (all models)
  • Formula USA Gen3 (all models)
  • Formula USA 2023
  • Formula Ultimate Gen2
  • Formula Junior
  • P1 (all models)

Everything else.

Please note that even classes already completely revised will remain subject to further minor adjustments all the way to v1.5 release.

AMS2 Circuito de Barcelona-Catalunya DLC

V1.4.7.2 -> V1.4.8.0 CHANGELOG


  • Added Circuito de Barcelona-Catalunya DLC
  • Added Formula USA 2023 (road, short oval & speedway variants) (part of Racin´ USA Pt3 & all packages that include it)
  • Added Formula Junior


  • Added Race Weekend option to set pre-race sessions as private sessions (with this setting enabled participants to run on an empty track with no interaction from other vehicles)
  • Added option to set a minimum number of changed tyres required for a mandatory stop to count as valid in SP/MP/Champ. Not all stops require the changes but at least one stop in the window must meet the requirements to avoid disqualification; AI will now take advantage of changing less tyres in mandatory stops if other factors don’t compel them to change more
  • Pit Strategy: Removed ‘Recommended’ tire change strategy. (starting fresh for beta is advised, forced reset is likely to follow before the main release); When saving a strategy if only fronts or only rears option would be valid for the compounds selected this is automatically applied for the user; Time estimation for changes will now reflect the actual compounds selected regardless of front/rear/all setting
  • Updated Trueforce support, increased rate, and cleaner TF audio effects. Uses native TF lockstop
  • Initial fuel levels in Multiplayer qualifying will now be the same as the player had set in the previous session, instead of forcing an auto fuel level


  • Fixed keyboard/controller navigation and incorrect button mapping on the vehicle class selection page. ([A]/Enter now toggle classes, [X]/H clears all)
  • Fixed incorrect DLC marker on all vehicles selection list


  • Fully revised physics for F-Retros (all gens), F-Classics (all gens), F-USAs (all gens), F-Ultimate Gen2, P1 classes
  • Updated tire tread for F-Inter


  • Fixed a case where the AI would slowly rear-end other AI on corner entry making it spin, that was happening on some track/car combos
  • Minor improvements to AI aggression code
  • AI behavior adjustments: Increased the rate the AI pulls aside to overtake; Increased amount of AI throttle lifting over water puddles; Increased max distance from which AI overtaking routine kicks in; Increased threshold controlling when AI cars give up on overtaking into corners (both inside and outside)
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would make an abrupt movement to the pitlane line after requesting a pitstop


  • McLaren MP4/6: Adjusted rev limiter sound


  • Nurburgring 1971: Added more period-correct advertisement boards; Object LOD adjustments; Minor performance fine-tuning; Some fixes for TV cams; Added VR cams for all layouts; Fixed LOD pop of billboard signs at Nordkehre
  • Indianapolis Speedway: Move the pit lane entrance approximately 40m further down the pit wall as seen in the 2023 event
  • Azure Circuit: Improved track cut limits at Nouvelle and Piscine


  • User Livery Overrides: Completed support for all vehicles & corrected some remaining issues
  • Added tire compound sidewall colors to F-Reiza, F-Ultimate Gen1
  • Formula Classic G4M3: Fixed T-Cam position
  • Mclaren MP4/4: Added missing low downforce variant


  • Fixed missing rear wet compound for P1 2023 tires
  • F-USA 2023 (all variants): Revised engine torque curve and boost pressure mapping; Reduced default steering lock for speedway variant
  • F.Vintage Gen1: Initial force feedback revisions
  • F-Ultimate Gen2: Adjusted AI start performance & DRS gains; Reduced dirty air effect; Adjusted thresholds for sparks to be generated from bottoming out
  • F-Classic (All gens): Adjusted dirty air effect
  • Adjusted AI consistency range for less overall lap time variation from lap to lap (consistency standards will still vary from class to class and from driver to driver within the same class)
  • F-Retro Gen1: AI calibration pass
  • Barcelona: Art updates & addition of remaining trackside objects; Updated AI performance & lines for both layouts; Fixed bug causing AI to drop out within one lap in chicane layout; Added DRS zones to track map
  • Virginia: Corrected LOD issue with the marshal huts
  • F-Ultimate Gen2: Adjusted display centering tire temps & adding page 2 with tire pressures & fuel delta
  • F-Junior: Added needle damping to analog gauges