Automobilista 2 – Update V1.5.3.2 Deployed

Automobilista 2 - Update V1.5.3.2 Deployed

Reiza Studios has released Update V1.5.3.2 for the Automobilista 2 racing simulator.

The update introduces two new DLCs: the Historical Track Pack Pt2 and the Formula HiTech DLC. Besides the new content, the update also includes the usual batch of fixes and improvements for various parts of the game.

The Historical Track Pack Pt2 DLC adds the Spanish Barcelona 1991 track, the Brazilian Interlagos 1991 and 1993 layout, and the Canadian Montreal 1991 track. The Formula HiTech DLC introduces the Formula Hitech Gen1 class featuring the Mclaren MP4/7 and 3 generic models, alongside the Formula HiTech Gen2 featuring the Mclaren MP4/8 and 3 generic models.

Both DLCs are live on Steam, but will remain free for all users through the weekend until Reiza Studios releases a minor complementary update this coming Monday. Note that the new DLCs aren’t part of the 2020-2022 Season Pass or the Premium Packs.

Important: Given the continued physics overhaul, all setups have again been reset. By the complementary update on Monday, all physics development will be frozen from public releases until the next milestone update sometime in 2024.

Automobilista 2 Mclaren F1

V1.5.0.5-V1.5.3.2 Changelog


  • Added Multiplayer logging to help debug common multiplayer reliability issues (dedicated thread for reports incoming soon)
  • Added launch control support
  • Added ‘Scheduled Full Course Yellow’ option to Race Settings screen
  • Added dedicated safety truck model to Copa Truck; Corvette Z06 Pace Car to F-USA 2023; AMG GT for F-Reiza, F-Ultimate Gen1/Gen2; pace kart to kart classes; Porsche RSR to F-Retro Gen1-3; BMW 2002 to GT Classics, F-Vintages & TC Vintages; BMW M3 to F-Classic, F-HiTech & F-V12
  • Added safety car blinking lights which go off when the safety car is about to return to the pits
  • FCY: Safety car no longer leaves the pits in a conflicting situation when leaders are speeding by on oval tracks; Fixed issue where the detection of illegal overtakes during full course yellow would keep track of the wrong driver (displayed in the follow label) and wouldn’t remove the illegal overtake message once the correct driver could be ignored; severely damaged vehicles are no longer prevented from pitting the pit entry is closed on long oval races (PIT OPEN label will now be displayed for severely damaged vehicles); damaged vehicles no longer penalized for not staying with leaders; Improved detection of struggling vehicles that can be overtaken under FCY to prevent unfair penalties
  • Corrected legacy issue with motion blur being always force enabled in replays (now it will respect user setting); Fixed legacy issue causing to run low motion blur even if user had it set to high
  • Fixed legacy bug in driver head animation from external view where the angular G-force passed with orientation inverted, leading to a tendency to bend helmet left (for live play, fix for head animations not showing in replays coming with the next build
  • Increased the default distance between each AI vehicle during a full course yellow
  • Fixed driver helmet animation not being in sync with the vehicle G-Forces during replays
  • Disabled gear shift animations when the car is set with automatic shifts in either or both directions
  • Fixed bug where a vehicle (AI or player with auto pit on) could get stuck in the garage in single player (in practice or qualifying) if another vehicle was within a blocking distance near it
  • Fixed issue that would cause missing tires not to be reset after pitting or session restart
  • Enabled spotter on all ovals in authentic mode
  • Fixed mandatory stop min tyres incorrectly being limited to the maximum setting of 3
  • Fixed vehicles with exactly two Final Drive settings always running the shorter ratio
  • Tightened up track limit detection thresholds
  • Fixed issue on oval tracks where a vehicle in the pitlane would appear in first place or last place on live leaderboards even if it wasn’t physically in such positions
  • Fixed the issue where the safety car wouldn’t move in time from the waiting position if the leader was leaving the pits
  • Fixed issue where a player could be unable to drive in multiplayer if he joined a practice or qualifying session in progress that had safety car setting enabled and only one free user slot available (also could cause the session to be unable to advance to race if this user didn’t quit)
  • Fixed issue on oval tracks where a vehicle in the pitlane would appear in first place or last place on live leaderboards even if it wasn’t physically in such positions
  • Fixed the issue where the safety car wouldn’t move in time from the waiting position if the leader was leaving the pits
  • Fixed issue where a player could be unable to drive in multiplayer if he joined a practice or qualifying session in progress that had safety car setting enabled and only one free user slot available (also could cause the session to be unable to advance to race if this user didn’t quit)
  • Private sessions: Fixed player vehicle being rendered as a ghost; Fixed opponent vehicle ambient shadows sometimes visible
  • Fixed late joiners being stuck in a visible state in private qualifying if a local player was on track when they joined
  • Enabled spotter on all ovals in authentic mode
  • Fixed an issue where the Authentic Aids setting could become out of sync for a client in multiplayer
  • Increased maximum pit speed limit allowed to 240 km/h
  • Redefined setup folder to force-reset setups


  • Message ‘YOU CAN PUSH NOW’ is now displayed for the leader (instead of the caution message) when the safety car is already out of road limits when the race is about to resume from full course yellow
  • Entering the Cockpit Configuration screen will now switch the view to the cockpit
  • Various corrections to track grade filter
  • Fixed incorrect Limiter state in HUD widget after returning to garage with limiter enabled
  • Fixed Auto-advance countdown being incorrectly displayed on non-host clients when the server does not have it enabled
  • Onboard camera group on Replay mode now cycles on command rather than automatically


  • Continued V1.5 physics overhaul for all classes
  • Revised FFB for all cars
  • Revised ideal brake range for all cars
  • Revised aero dropoff with yaw for all high-downforce cars
  • Revised turbo altitude scaling BoP for GT3, GT4, GTE
  • Added launch control system for F-V10 Gen2, Corvette C8 Z06, Mclaren Senna, Rallycross
  • Updated logic for tires pre-race heating in case of skipped formation lap to minimize discrepancies in handling over first few corners
  • Adjusted idle RPM range for all F1 engines
  • Minor fine-tuning adjustments for Group A & GT1 engines


  • AI fast paths redone for several track layouts (full list here)
  • Disabled all track-specific AI Grip multipliers (persisting performance variations from track-to-track now adjusted exclusively via AI paths)
  • AI calibration pass for all classes in dry & wet
  • Fixed a bug in AI drivers´ assessment when overtaking a car ahead causing them to pull aside too early and lose the draft
  • Adjusted AI brake application for all classes to better match that of a human driver
  • AI behavior adjustments: Increased function to reduce chances of AI deciding it should go of-track only as a last resort; Adjusted AI speed difference & distance thresholds for taking defensive action; Reduced avoid ratios to minimise jerkiness in line switches; Increased threshold for AI carefulness with human players; Increased wall check awareness; Adjusted front & side buffer ranges; further brake usage fine-tuning to various classes
  • Adjusted AI launch performance for classes with newly added launch control system
  • Adjusted behavior under blue flag to prevent AI from moving erratically on the out lap
  • Fixed an issue where AI could sometimes be aware of other vehicles in private sessions
  • Revised & tightened Ai driver Skill ranges for Formula Classics Gen1-4, Formula V12, Formula V10 Gen1-2, Formula Reiza, Formula Ultimate Gen1-2, Formula USA Gen4, GTE, GT3, Stock Car Brasil 2019-2023
  • Adjusted interclass AI performance of Lotus 98T, Mclarens MP4/4, 5B and 6 Sigma P1 from P2 class
  • Slightly increased AI tire wetness threshold for slightly earlier switch to wet tires and slightly later from wet to dry
  • Slightly reduced AI performance boost for qualifying hot laps
  • Increased AI care with human players
  • Added function to independently configure how much AI slows down in cool-down lap for each class
  • Added AI fuel load density scalar to adjust AI performance when running higher fuel loads
  • Adjusted standard pit strategy thresholds for when AI decides it is worth making a pitstop for tires (lower for F1 cars, higher for 4 / 6 nut wheel cars)
  • Defined the number of AI dry hot laps in qualifying for F1-style cars (min 1, max 2 hot laps) and non-F1-style cars (min 2, max 3 hot laps)
  • Adjusted AI overtaking aggression parameters for all oval variants
  • Added AI “cheat” function to prevent it from overshooting pitbox in higher pit speed limit settings
  • Slightly increased AI lifting off throttle under blue flags
  • Revised AI tire wear rates & resulting degradation (combination should lead to AI suffering less performance degradation with tire wear and coming in earlier for tire pitstops
  • Further adjustments to AI performance with wets on dry track & slicks on wet track
  • increased AI global wall check awareness; slightly decreased front buffer range & increased side ranges
  • Barcelona: Fixed AIW alignment at the start/finish junction in chicane layout


  • Added offline dirt sounds
  • Updated external engine sounds for Ford DFV engines (F-Vintage G1M1 & G2M2, Lotus 49C, Brabham BT26, Brabham BT44, Brabham BT49, F-Retro Gen1, F-Retro Gen2, F-Retro Gen3, McLaren M23, Lotus 72E, Lotus 79)
  • Updated V8, V10 & V12 external sounds for all F-Classics
  • Updated F-V12 internal & external sounds
  • Adjusted tires scrub and skid sound volume for F-USA Gen1, and F-USA Gen2.
  • F-Junior: Adjusted Player & Opponent engine sound parameters
  • Fixed issue with some sound effects continuing to play when switching the view target
  • Closed cockpit cars: adjusted chassis rattle sound effects
  • BMW M4 GT4: revised engine limiter and traction control sound
  • Chevrolet Corvette C3 & C3R: adjusted chase camera engine sound volume


  • Adjusted LiveTrack grip range for Buenos Aires, Montreal (all versions) & Hockenheim 2020
  • Corrected an error that prevented actual track starting lights from working at Kansai, Santa Cruz, Taruma
  • Adjusted road noise for Hockenheim Historic layouts, Monza 1971, Spa 1993, Montreal (all versions)
  • Interlagos 2020: Added 3D foliage, redone track and terrain materials and textures; Updated materials and shading for temp grandstands for GP layout
  • Spa-Francorchamps: Fixed a terrain shadow issue visible during specific date and time of day in 1993, 2020 & 2022 layouts
  • Spa-Francorchamps 2020: Corrected inappropriate next-lap penalty when off track near Blanchimont; Added dedicated safety car parking spot
  • Hockenheim GP: Increased track edge to cover curbs that were previously excluded.
  • Ascurra Dirt: Switch P1 to the left side of the grid
  • Daytona: Removed excess runoff at the entry to the bus stop chicane; Adjusted track limits; Fixed static object LOD pop issues; Relocated pit exit line at Daytona RC and NRC layouts as seen in the 24-hour race
  • Jerez 2019: Fixed a physical track surface bug in the T1 brake zone; replaced broken tooth on the entry curb; Fixed bug with the garage floor lighting
  • Spielberg Historic / Vintage: Corrected a missing LOD flag on the pit lane entrance tire bundle
  • Nurburgring (all versions): Corrected geolocation and time zone data; Fixed black grass blades near Dunlop on the Nords 24-hour layout; Fixed a minor collision issue on the RX layout Fixed the track length data for Sprint S layout
  • Barcelona: Fixed the collision on the pit lane entrance tire barrier; Adjusted LiveTrack grip range
  • Kyalami: Increased grid box spacing to fix AI drivers sometimes reversing during race starts
  • Montreal Historic 1988: Updated TV trackside cameras
  • Spa 1993: Minor performance and export optimization
  • Silverstone 1991. Fixed trackside camera flickering at Hangar Straight
  • Oulton Park: Adjusted position of chicane apex tire bundle
  • Speedland Kart 3: Fixed misplaced layout tire barriers
  • Completed VR cameras for all RX tracks
  • Tykki: Fixed RX layout pit lane (cars won’t start in the garage); Minor graphics fixes; Corrected Max-AI participants from 5 to 7 in RX layouts
  • Indianapolis 2022 (both layouts): Update formation lap path


  • Defined color matching driver outfits & helmets for all drivers in F-Junior, F-Vintages, F-Retros, F-Classic, F-V12, F-V10. F-Reiza. F-Ultimates (all Gens), Group C, Group A, GT1, GTE, GT3, GT4, GT4 Supercup, G40 Cup, GT5, GT Open, MINI JCW, Porsche Cup, Copa Montana, SprintRace, Formula USA Gen1-3, P1, P2, P3, P4, Aussie Racing Camaro, Vintage Touring Cars T1-2, GT Classic Touring Cars, StockCar Brasil 1979-1999, F-USA 2023, F-Inter, Rally RX1, Kartcross, F-Dirt
  • Adjusted bodywork dirt buildup rate for all cars
  • User Livery Overrides: Fixed body part issue when using metallic materials
  • Adjusted visual backfire thresholds for all cars to a more realistic frequency
  • Fixed spark effects being too dark during the day
  • Increased driver helmet LODs to avoid it popping in and out at longer distances
  • Adjusted cockpit POV for Group A, Mclaren F1 GTR, Mclaren 570S GT4,Ultima GTR, Metalmoro AJR Gen2, F-Vee, MIT Lancer Cup (both models)
  • StockCar Pro Series 2023 Cruze: Fixed brake disc glow issue, Fixed LODs tail light issue; Adjusted height offset; Fixed driver legs position for Cruza Model
  • Stockcar Pro Series 2023 Corolla: Changed steering wheel position; Adjusted driver position & animation; Adjusted cockpit view; Fixed UV map on front inner tirewalls; Adjusted the steering wheel position to be centered in relation to the driver pov; Adjusted driver animations
  • StockCar (all seasons): Updated and enhanced steering wheel display; Adjusted cockpit materials
  • Porsche Cup: Fixed damage models on LOD A
  • Adjusted onboard cameras for Corvette C8 Z06, F-Dirt
  • Metalmoro AJR Gen2: Fixed windscreen rain issue
  • Lotus 23: Fixed low-res artifacts on the dirt/damage texture
  • Roco 001: Added driver animations; Adjusted gear shift mesh Added dirt/damage texture; Revised collisions; Detached front fenders; Added damage models
  • Mercedes CLK LM GT1: Reverted driver animations to use stick shifter; Revised collisions; Adjusted driver animations to use paddle shift
  • Ginetta G58: Fixed Driver animation position on 3rd person view
  • Catherham 620R: Fixed right-side tire pivots
  • Copa Truck:
  • Brabham BT44: Adjusted suspension animation and camber on the front wheels
  • F-Classic (all gens): Correct wet tire texture for various models; Fixed shiny tires on lower LODs; increased speed threshold required to produce undertray sparks; Fixed Rear boot that was obstructing the view in cockpit, steering wheels rotation angle & missing cockpit windscreen for F-Classic G4M2; Updated & revised 3D display for Mclaren MP4/5B, MP4/6. Fixed suspension mesh skin on lodA and cockpit view & fixed suspension animations for F-Classic G3M3
  • F-V12: Added damage models; Revised cockpit suspension animations structure
  • F-V10 Gen1: Added damage models; Revised cockpit suspension animations structure
  • Mclaren MP4-12: Added damage models; Revised cockpit suspension animations structure
  • F-V10 Gen2: Adjusted suspension animation on the front wheels
  • F-Ultimate (both gens): Added damage models; Revised cockpit suspension animations structure; Improved transparent HALO; Fixed front suspension mesh in cockpit view & adjusted the right-side cockpit mirror mesh for Gen1
  • F-Vintage G2M1: Fixed wrong name in collision joint
  • F-Dirt: Fixed red body panels when viewing from the cockpit view
  • Revised livery F-Junior #55, Mclaren F1 GTR #03, Mclaren Senna #04, Mercedes CLK LM #53; New paint materials
  • Camaro SS: Corrected cockpit model to 6-speed manual transmission & adjusted driver animations
  • Corvette C8 Z06: Added Launch Control info on pages 1 and 2. TC of cockpit display off pictogram on 3 pages. Improved textures
  • Mclaren Senna: Added Launch Control info to cockpit display
  • Onboard camera adjustments forKartcross
  • Copa Truck: Fixed spawn location causing the truck to bounce when entering or leaving the setup menu; Fixed wipers not clearing water from the windscreen in Vulkan model
  • F-Trainer (both): Added damage models; Added dirt/damage texture; Fixed rear tyre skin; Revised collisions
  • Porsche 911 GT1: fixed missing paint material
  • Metalmoro AJR Gen1: Fixed red body panels when using livery override paint materials
  • Opala Stock Cars 1986: Fixed flickering windshield banner
  • BMW M8 GTE: Revised livery #9 #15 New paint materials
  • McLaren F1 GTR: fixed exhausts´ position
  • F-Vee (both models): Updated the rim blur model and textures
  • Porsche Cup: Corrected rear tire diameter for 4.0L model
  • BMW M3 E30 Gr.A: Added adjustable rear wing details to 3D model

Automobilista 2 is currently available via Steam for 18,49€ (50% off). The Automobilista 2 + 2020-2021 Season Pass Bundle is available for 49,03€ (61% off)

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