Automobilista 2 – Update V1.5.5.1 Deployed – Trial Period New DLCs End

Automobilista 2
Automobilista 2 - Update V1.5.5.1 Deployed - Trial Period New DLCs End

Reiza Studios deployed Update V1.5.5.1 for the Automobilista 2 racing simulator.

This is a complementary update to the latest V1.5.5 release, introducing a new “high beam” headlight option alongside other bug fixes and game improvements.

The release of this update marks the end of the Free Trial period for the Circuit des 24h Du Mans and the Endurance Pack Pt1 DLCs. This new content is now restricted to users who own the respective DLCs.

Check out the changelog below for all the details.

Automobilista 2  Le Mans & Endurance Pack Pt1

V1.5.5.1 Changelog


  • Altered algorithm for max visible vehicles setting to bias towards vehicles ahead
  • Added High Beam headlight mode for local player


  • LMDh: Disabled max ERS deployment per lap which had inadvertently been left enabled; Improved BUILD and BALANCED deployment modes for Le Mans 24h layout by conserving energy in higher gears
  • Fixed player auto ERS activating QUAL during out laps
  • Disabled tire blankets for LMDh & GT3 Gen2 classes as per current WEC / IMSA rules


  • Adjusted AI tire wear rate for LMDh & GT3 Gen2 classes
  • Adjusted AI brake usage for LMDh, P1 (both gens) & Cadillac DPi classes
  • AI calibration pass for F-V12, F-V10 Gen1 & Gen2, F-Reiza, F-Ultimate Gen1 & Gen2 (dry & wet)


  • McLaren MP4/12: fixed missing starter sound.
  • F-V10 Gen1: Fix attempt to address disappearing sounds in MP


  • LMDh/GTE/GT3 (all Gens): Adjust base headlight brightness
  • Fixed lighting on carbon material cars in secondary light sources
  • BMW M Hybrid V8: New safety lights; Added rain streaks added for side windows
  • Cadillac V Series R: Added rain streaks for side windows
  • Porsche 992 GT3-R: Corrected display with inverted best lap and split time

Automobilista 2 is currently available via Steam for 11,09€ The Automobilista 2 + 2020-2021 Season Pass Bundle is available for 34,27€. ( Promo ends 2024 January 4.)

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