Automobilista 2 – Update V1.5.5.2 Deployed

Automobilista 2 - Update V1.5.5.2 Deployed
Automobilista 2

Reiza Studios deployed Update V1.5.5.2 for the Automobilista 2 racing simulator.

This latest update brings you another batch of physics and AI improvements along with further updates to both new and old content, including more tracks with support for the new flag LED panel feature.

A minor but notable adjustment to the tire modeling of both modern slicks and wet treads has been fast-tracked with this release, sharpening up the feel of the tires that received the adjustment – these are listed in the changelog below. The changes have no major repercussions on user setups or the overall performance of the cars.

On the AI front, adjustments to AI lateral movement rates, and distance passing routines are triggered to on, and enabling a function for AI in faster cars to “see” slower cars further up ahead has made line switches more flowing and also reduced hesitation both when passing for a position as well as dealing with lapped traffic. Further improvements in this area are already in the works. AI also improved for several tracks with a new batch of fast-line redos.

Multiplayer logs and reports welcome:

On the Multiplayer front, users that experience showstopping reliability issues are now welcome to post their session log files in the forum to provide us with valuable info towards debugging these remaining

Reiza Announcement:

The AMS2 + Season Pass 2020-2022 Bundle has now been deactivated from the Steam store page – it has been replaced by the AMS2 All-Inclusive Bundle, which packs AMS2 & all DLC items necessary to make it complete at a 15% discount.

As we progress with new DLC releases, the Bundle will be updated accordingly – this way, new users have a single-click option to acquire all existing AMS2 items at any point in time without duplicating DLC purchases, while existing users get the option to complement their install with only the DLCs they might be missing.

V1.5.5.2 Changelog


  • Fixed Automatic Clutch input bind label being inconsistently named in different states


  • Minor slick tread adjustments for LMDh, F-HiTech Gen2, F-V12, GT1, GTE, GT3 (both gens) GT4, G55 Cup, GT5, G40 Cup, StockV8 (all seasons), Super v8, LMDh, Cadillac DPi, P1 (both gens), Group C, F-Reiza, F-Ultimate Gen2, F-USA Gen1-3 & 2023 (speedway compound)
  • Minor wet tire tread adjustments for F-Classics, F-HiTechs, F-V12, F-V10s, F-Reiza, F-Ultimates, F-USAs, F-3, F-Inter, F-Trainers, LMDh, DPi, P1, P2, P3, P4, GTE, GT3, GT4 classes
  • Adjusted baseline pressure for GT3 Gen2 and LMDh to account for the removal of tire warming blankets (setup reset recommended)
  • LMDh: Slightly increased brake torque
  • Added medium compound option for F-HiTech Gen2
  • McLaren 720s Evo: Increased the max bumpstop/packer range to 4cm from 1cm


  • Adjusted distance AI cars look ahead for slower lapped traffic & added new parameter for faster cars to see even further ahead
  • Slightly increased avoid ratios for AI in lower aggression ranges
  • AI line redos for Cascais, Fontana Speedway, Montreal Historic 1991, Le mans Bugatti, Kansai East & West
  • Further adjustments to AI rates for lateral movements & distance thresholds for passing routines to kick in
  • Increased fuel threshold for AI to decide to pit for fuel on a long track for Endurance cars (LMDh,
    Cadillac DPi, P1 (both gens), GTE, GT3 (both gens)
  • Bumped up AI skill spread on ovals to the same level as main road course variants to minimize excessive pack racing on ovals
  • Adjusted AI tire wear degradation for all F-USA classes
  • AI calibration pass for GTE & LMdh, DPi, P1s, Super V8, F-V12
    AI wet performance calibration pass for F-Classic Gen4, F-Hitech Gen1&2, F-V12, F-V10 Gen1&2, F-Reiza, F-Ultimate Gen1&2


  • Le Mans: Additional 3D marshals; Fixed visible gaps in the track near Porsche curve; Adjusted Armco LOD switching near Mulsanne: Added more of the remaining trackside objects; Adjusted an abnormal bump in the runoff near the Arnage exit curb; Fixed issue where tirewall objects might not be rendered in some external cameras; Adjusted track cameras in Bugatti layout to remove obscured views
  • Added LED flag panels to Kansai, Interlagos, Hockenheim & Monza
  • Fixed safety car parking location for Kansai & Hockenheim
  • Nurburgring 1971: Fixed the misalignment and added collision to the Continental Podium barriers in the paddock
  • Jerez 1988: Fixed body parts LOD behavior on some 3D animated actors


  • Fixed car exterior rain effects oscillate between dry and wet
  • Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo: fixed inverted cockpit banner
  • GTE: Added luminescent number panels
  • BMW M8 GTE: Updated display & improved cockpit lights; Added windshield banner
  • F-HiTech G2M2: Fixed cockpit windscreen and mirrors double mesh issues

Automobilista 2 is currently available via Steam for 36,99€ The Automobilista 2 All-Inclusive Bundle is available for 140,78€.

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