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Automobilista – Changes Reiza made to the physics engine

Automobilista physics updates

Automobilista – Changes Reiza made to the physics engine

Its a big day for Reiza Studios. Today they will launch version 1.0 of their popular Automobilista Racing Simulator.

Besides new content such as the F-Vintage 1967/1969 and new track layouts, the new Automobilista update will also feature a significant amount of fixes and improvements on the graphics, sound and physics side of the simulator. Many sim racers out there will be curious to find out how Reiza improved the driving physics of their racing simulator.

At the time of writing, Reiza did not yet release a full changelog, but Reiza’s in-house physics Guru¬†Niels Heusinkveld published an interesting video in which he explains some of the¬†physics improvements that will be coming to the Automobilista full version release.

Keep in mind that the Early Access discounts end and the base game price will now change to US$ 39.99. (Instead of the current US$ 29.99.) However, until Sunday 28th you can still purchase the title from the Reiza¬†Studios forum store for only US$ 29.99.¬†The full Reiza Membership Package which includes the base game, all DLC’s¬†and the beta access will be upgraded to¬†US$ 54.99.

The current Early Access version of Automobilista is available at

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