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Automobilista Hotfix V1.4.32 Available

Automobilista Brabham F1

Automobilista Hotfix V1.4.32 Available

Reiza Studios has rolled out a new hotfix for their Automobilista racing title. The v1.4.32 update tackles a number of issues that were still plaguing the title since the release of the June update. Check out the changelog for more details. The hotfix will automatically be deployed when starting the Steam client.

V1.4.32 hotfix – changelog:

  • Fixed bug leading to AI cars refueling during pit stops in series in which they are not supposed to
  • Added AIqualLapsperRun parameter to HDV files defining how many laps AI is supposed to run in qualifying
  • Fixed errors with some Steam Achievements (please note Achievements will be reset as a result)
  • Fixed bug with helper springs which could lead to some odd behavior under max suspension deflection
  • Fixed bug preventing player from fixing car damage in pitstops
  • Added extra “Force Lan” & “Seconds to autoload” parameters to multiplayer.ini to facilitate flow in a LAN session
  • Adjusted traction control driving aid levels for most cars
  • Small aero tweaks to StockV8, Montana, Metalmoro (slightly less yaw drop-off)
  • Corrected Montreal 1988 pit speed in practice sessions
  • Fixed missing dust smoke at Ascurra
  • F-Ultimate: Adjusted driver helmet height
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