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Automobilista – October 2017 Development Update

Automobilista - October 2017 Development Update

Automobilista Metalmoro AJR

Automobilista – October 2017 Development Update

Reiza Studios Renato Simioni has published the Automobilista Oktober 2017 Development Update.

As usual, the new development update reveals some more details about the upcoming Automobilista v1.4.9 and later on the v1.5.0 release. Currently, Reiza’s Alex Sawczuk is working on a new native HUD and TV overlay system which we will be able to test when v1.4.9 is released. The initial update will not contain a track map feature, but Reiza Studios is planning to resolve that in V1.5.0.

In the meantime, Niels Heusinkveld is making good progress on a turbo physics model, while the Automobilista track team is updating the Spielberg circuit, to bring it up to spec with the real-world 2017 configuration.

Last but not least, Reiza lets us admire some new in-game screenshots of the upcoming Metalmoro AJR prototype LMP2 type which will be available with the v1.4.9 update as free base content.

For more details, check out the full development update quote below.

Oktober 2017 Dev Update

New native HUD / TV overlay system

For v1.4.9 Alex Sawczuk has undertaken a complete revamp of the native HUD system to feature a lot of the valuable information seen in DynHUD & other 3rd party systems along with a brand new TV overlay system, which the added bonus of being fully fed & rendered in-game and neatly arranged into a single overall design.

This should hopefully reduce the needs for DynHUD & other external HUDs (though these will remain as functional alternatives for those who may prefer them).

Below a couple of WIP previews of these new fully native systems:

GRAB_060  GRAB_068

The new native HUD won´t feature a track map in its initial v1.4.9 version but we´re working to add it too in-time for v1.5.0.

Turbo Model

On the physics front, the long overdue turbo model is finally due to arrive in v1.4.9 – that means turbo engines like in F-Truck, F-Classic, Metalmoro MR18, Mini and Lancers will be much more accurate to their real-life counterparts.

In the videos below Niels Heusinkveld talks a bit about this new model and how they impact the driving experience in the sim:

The crazy F-Classic version Niels is testing here has 4.0 bar boost pressure allowed by the rules in the mid-80s, however, the actual F-Classic based on the 88 season will be limited to 1.5 max so it should be a bit saner than this!

For those willing to experiment with insanity though we will keep the boost adjustable up to 4.0 in the initial Beta version due to be deployed in AMS Beta sometime this next week. For release, the 1.5 cap will be set as per the rules but mods will still be able to experiment with different physics. In the future, we might explore the turbo insanity a bit further ourselves

Limited tire sets with cumulative wear/component change delays

Another significant realism option currently in the works is the addition of limited tire sets – users will get the option to limit the number of tire sets available for single & multiplayer races, which will then accumulate wear as they´re used throughout the race weekend. Drivers will then be able to switch back & forth between used and new tire sets (rather than just infinitely reset tires to a brand new set every time he goes back to the pit menu).

Furthermore, we are working on adding options for time delays changing major car components, so that if for instance driver blows an engine or significantly damage the car, he will be forced to sit in the pits and unable to go out again while the mechanics handle the required repairs. This is to combine with another new option to set rules for escaping to pits mid-session (whether you can escape to menu any time as currently, only when the vehicle is stopped or only when its back to its pit slot).

All this (and potentially some extra options we´re looking into) with the goal of adding an extra dimension of realism to the simulation so that drivers have to be mindful of managing their tires and equipment, an ever-present element in real racing.

We are not sure these features will be ready in time for v1.4.9 but will be certainly be added in time for v1.50.

Spielberg 2017

ilka & the rest of the track team have completed a full revamp of the modern Spielberg circuit, bringing it up to 2017 configuration. This includes several graphics updates along with new surrounding buildings, plus curb & run-off modifications to the track layout itself. Below a couple of previews in nice autumn colors (the GP version will feature appropriately greenish foliage):

Automobilista Spielberg

Metalmoro AJR

The Metalmoro AJR will also be added in v1.4.9 as free base content.

The AJR is the first advanced LMP2-ish prototype from Metalmoro – the first of its kind manufactured in Brazil and thus appropriately the first of its kind to feature in Automobilista, filling one of the few remaining gaps in our car roster.

The AJR has been designed to be versatile for a wide range of different engine configurations, so its series in AMS will have the added bonus of featuring distinct engine options – besides the Chevy V8 currently being run by the single model in action, the sim car will include versions with a Judd V10, Powertec V8 and Honda I4 Turbo as alternatives, all with their own distinct characteristics but overall similar performances.

Automobilista Metalmoro AJR  Automobilista Metalmoro AJR

These new features and content should be making its way to AMS Beta very soon, along with another nice batch of bug fixes, minor AI and audio developments.

Things are really ramping up and coming together nicely now in these final stages of AMS development, which has contributed to its development continuing to stretch further than we originally planned – we are definitely going to be wrapping v1.5.0 before recess in December, by which point we hope to have our baby in its final and best form – look forward to sharing the news about that at this time next month

That´s all for this month – hope you all enjoy the coming update!

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