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Automobilista Release Trailer

Automobilista Release Trailer

The little sim racing company that could….

After a very successful Early Access campaign, Reiza Studios is getting ready to release a major update. Tomorrow (Wednesday, August 24th) the small Brazillian software house will officially launch Version 1.0 of the Automobilista Racing Simulator.

To celebrate this imminent release, Reiza Studios has now released a new promo trailer and a stunning gallery of in-game screenshots.

The new release will feature brand new content in the form of the Formula Vintage 1967/1969, and some brand new track layouts of which the biggest one will be the “long” 7km version of the¬†Mendig¬†track. The V1.0 update will also contain an extensive list of fixes and improvements. The full changelog for v1.0 will be released at launch.

Keep in mind that the Early Access discounts end and the base game price will now change to US$ 39.99. (Instead of the current US$ 29.99.) However, until Sunday 28th you can still purchase the title from the Reiza¬†Studios forum store for only US$ 29.99.¬†The full Reiza Membership Package which includes the base game, all DLC’s¬†and the beta access will be upgraded to¬†US$ 54.99.

The current Early Access version of Automobilista is available at

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