Automobilista v1.4.7 And Ibarra Track Released

Autodromo de Yahuarcocha - Ibarra Track Released

Automobilista v1.4.7 And Ibarra Track Released

Reiza Studios has released Automobilista V1.4.7. Besides several valuable improvements and fixes, the update brings you surround sound support, track texture updates, and improved controller support. Best of all, Reiza Studios treats us to a brand new free circuit to race on. Check out the changelog below for more details.

The Autodromo Internacional de Yahuarcocha is a permanent road course located next to the Yahuarcocha lake on the eastern outskirts of Ibarra, Ecuador. The somewhat technical circuit is 3.650 km (2.268 miles) long and features 16 corners. Each year, the Ibarra venue hosts a selection of national championships and amateur races.

Automobilista is currently available on the Steam platform for only 13,99€. That is a 50% price cut of the regular 27,99€.

Changelog for v1.4.54 to v1.4.7


  • Added Ibarra track (two layouts: normal & reverse)

Features & Fixes:

  • Added surround sound support (please run AMS Config to set up your audio output properly)
  • Multiplayer lobby improvements: General UI Tweaks; Pinned Reiza Servers; Improved Server Sorting; Added Series to Lobby; Added Bookmarks to list and ability to add / remove bookmarks; Fixed Beta in game Lobby; Added classification to server details; Fixed General Steam plugin issues, including reporting of Series, Players vs AI count and more
  • Added Upper Deadzone for Axis Settings
  • Fixed loading of FFB levels when game was set to 360hz and the loaded level had 180hz
  • Updated Xbox One and 360 controllers preset to XInput. Fixed clutch assignment on G25 Preset
  • Added XInput support (no FFB yet but will be added in the next release)
  • Improved info when creating a new profile about auto loaded preset on controller page.
  • Added button on Controller setting to detect the best preset for your controller.
  • Added Auto Loading for Xbox One controller.
  • Forced default controller profiles to resync to users game folder at every game load
  • Added global Cockpit Preference Option (for driver arms, LHD, RHD etc) to Display screen (no longer needs to be set for each car Configuration)
  • Added “Driver Arm Rotation Lock” option to PLR file for users who wish to disable the 90º rotation lock when arms are enabled (please note this may cause severe clipping at larger angles)
  • Several minor UI Adjustments
  • Fixed bug to display current Opponent Tire Compound color in multiplayer
  • Fixed Inconsistencies with Start Grid Position when changing AI Numbers on Single Race
  • Fixed Pit Box objects showing when there are always cars visible
  • Fixed a couple of bugs that could cause the game to crash in Championship mode
  • Fixed bug with in-game multiplayer game creation settings not working
  • Fixed bug where tire compound in replay would overwrite current setup
  • Fixed bug in AI pit strategy that could cause the AI to come repeatedly into the pits needlessly
  • Upscaled all vehicle body LOD Out values from 600 to 750m to address cars loading in and out on long visible track segments
  • Updated road & terrain textures for Floripa, Jacarepagua, Johannesburg, Ribeirao, Ortona, Velopark to latest standards
  • Several minor shader improvements: a bit of AO to Ambient Lighting on Terrains; diffuse scroll shaders with and with out fog; Adjusted tree shader so it acts more naturally at dusk
  • Adjusted AI draft values so it remains in draft a little longer
  • Adjusted pit tire thresholds, making AI stay out longer into tire life for series where tire stops are not regular
  • Enabled pit menu refueling on physics level (so now refueling is determined fully by SRS setting – allowed in all cars/tracks, follows series actual regulations in their respective SRS)
  • Added/corrected aid weight penalties for cars that were missing them
  • Updated Push-to-pass boost values in Stock Car, Montana
  • Jaca Historic: Fixed crash when loading
  • VIR: Fixed flickering on paddock buildings
  • Kansai: Improved AO on main grandstand and pit building
  • Cadwell & Spielberg Historic: Fixed flickering on overhead signs/bridges at T1
  • Ortona: Fixed flickering on pit building at a distance
  • F-Ultimate: updated HALO model
  • F-V12: Fixed ID error for Time Trial mode
  • F3: Fixed F309 cockpit mirrors
  • Marcas: Updated onboard sounds

Important note for Logitech G29 / G920 users: Support for auto rotation is still on a dedicated Beta Branch labeled v1.4.7_G29. Further instructions as to how to switch to a beta branch here.

General Notes:

If you have an online race tonight, you may stick to or revert to the previous v1.4.54 by selecting that branch from the Steam Beta tab. Further instructions as to how to do that here.

If you have a bug to report please use the new bug report thread (make sure to check the opening post first).

If you experience any issues running the game following the update, it´s worth running a Steam Integrity Check to make sure all files have been added/updated correctly.

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