Automobilista v1.4.72 hotfix released


Automobilista v1.4.72 hotfix released

Reiza Studios has released hotfix v1.4.72 for Automobilista. This new patch addresses some urgent issues that have come up since the last update. Check out the changelog below for more details.

Automobilista is currently available on the Steam platform for only 13,99€. That is a 50% price cut of the regular 27,99€.


  • Fixed a few issues with multiplayer lobby, including bug that could cause lobby list not to show up
  • Fixed a bug in which if user’s My Documents folder is a Drive’s root folder, the game does not work creating the player file when (just stays on the enter driver name screen)
  • Fixed bug where controller input would register complete left when exactly 0 input was given
  • Fixed other engine sounds playing out of time
  • Fixed occasional audio artifacts with other distant cars on external cameras
  • Tykki: Updated terrain textures to latest standards
  • Ibarra: Optimized AI line through first and last corners
  • F-Retro: Fixed AI fuel estimate
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