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AVENGA Custom Motion Simulator Tour

AVENGA Custom Motion Simulator Tour

Due to popular demand, New Zealand’s hardcore Sim racer Richard Macnaughtan aka Avenga takes us on a very detailed tour around his custom build Motion Simulator and Sim Room.

During this extensive guided tour, Richard shows us what has gone into building this very impressive piece of kit.

Besides the full motion mechanics including yaw and traction loss movements, Richard’s rig is also fitted with an active SimXperience G4 Seat, SimXperience AccuForce direct drive wheel and customized steering wheel rims, a set of buttkickers and dedicated amplifiers, Derek Spear Designs sequential shifter and Type 3 handbrake, and upgraded DSD Wilwood pedals. For the visuals, Richard uses an Oculus Rift CV1 Virtual Reality headset.

Furthermore, Richard shows us the PC system that is powering his amazing rig and lets us have a peek in his garage where he stores his collection of classic cars.

As a bonus, the bottom video shows us an iRacing session in the Skip Barber car testing the rear traction loss feature of the DIY motion simulator.

Video by Avenga