Awesome Home Build Motion Racing Simulator

Tino Sturlic from Zagreb Croatia is a former employee of Rimac Automobili, a company that manufactures electric hypercars and provides full technology solutions to global automotive manufacturers.

However, in his spare time, Tino is also an avid Sim Racer. It may not come as a surprise that such a combination of skill and passion, resulted in a pretty remarkable home project.

Tino set out to build his own custom prototype Hyper Simulator.

The plan was to design and build a fully adjustable motion simulator that had the ability to automatically transform from a standard GT race car position to Formula style, or go-kart racing position with the touch of a button. The result is a sim rig that can automatically adjust the seat distance and angle of the seat, the wheel height and angle of the wheel mount, the pedal distance, and the pedal mount angle.

Furthermore, Tino decided to design his own High-end full-motion system. To reach a high level of performance, all of this had to be done using fairly big actuators that had to fit in as little space as possible. The motion system is also accompanied by a set of custom build tactile transducers.

Needless to say, all the hard work and engineering skills of Tino resulted in a pretty awesome simulator build. Respect Mr. Sturlic.