Basherboard CPX Adapter V2 Review by ISRTV

Basherboard CPX Adapter V2

Basherboard CPX Adapter V2 Review by ISRTV

John Sabol of Inside Sim Racing reviews the Basherboard CPX Adapter V2. Should you want to use a Thrustmaster steering wheel combined with a Fanatec pedal set on a PlayStation or Xbox console, then this product provides the perfect solution.

The Basherboard CPX Adapter V2 enables you to use a Fanatec CSP V1, CSP V2, CSP V3, CSR Elite and CSL Elite (w/Load Cell Brake only) in combination with the Thrustmaster TX, T300 and T500RS wheels on a console. (The CSP V3 requires an optional RJ12 to PS2 cable)

You can purchase the CPX Adapter V2 at the Basherboards web-store.


  • ABS vibration support. (adjustable on the adapter)
  • Fine tuning of brake sensitivity. (adjustable on the adapter)
  • User upgradable via USB.
  • Minor troubleshooting via USB.
  • Possible features to be added later…

Purchase Includes:

  • CPX Adapter
  • 6′ Black USB cable
  • Black cable for connection to the wheel


Price: $55 – plus shipping and handling.

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