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BTCC TOCA Touring Cars Game Rumors Might Become Real


BTCC TOCA Touring Cars Game Rumors Might Become Real

Somewhat older Sim Racers with a soft spot for Touring Cars will without a doubt remember the very popular TOCA Touring Car Game Series by Codemasters which could be considered as one of the most fun racing games/simulators of its time.

Back in August 2019, we reported that it was rumored we might see a new TOCA racing game appear featuring British Touring Car Championship content, as Alan James Gow who is the Director and Administrator of the British Touring Car Championship had hinted that they would support the opportunity to relaunch the classic TOCA Touring Cars video game.

Now those rumors seem to become more fact, as three-time British Touring Car Championship champion Matt Neal who is currently a driver of the Halfords Yuasa Racing team Honda Civic Type R, seemed to have confirmed that such a game is in development.

During a Facebook lockdown live session by Team Dynamics Motorsport, Matt Neal spilled the beans when informing his viewers that he was reliably informed that there is a dedicated BTCC game in the making.

He further stated that a beta version of the said game might be available by the end of this year, and he reckons the game release is scheduled for the end of 2021. Most importantly, Matt hinted that it will not be DLC type content for some game, but that this is going to be a dedicated BTCC game like the old TOCA package.

Needless to say, it would be pretty awesome should this become a reality, as we are sure plenty sim racers out there will welcome a dedicated full grid Touring Car Series game. Fingers crossed.

Keep in mind that the BTCC did not (yet) make any official statement regarding a possible project or license. We will surely keep you posted should more news become available.

You can find the news source video below.

British Touring Car Championship BTCC

The first Codemasters TOCA Game for Windows and the PlayStation console was named TOCA Touring Car Championship and was released in 1997.  The games featured all the licensed cars (no privateers) and all the tracks from the 1997 British Touring Car Championship. Needless to say, the game was a huge success amongst racing fans and is to this day remembered for its high level of virtual racing fun.  

One year later, in 1998, Codemasters did it all over, releasing the TOCA 2 Touring Car Championship game improving on its predecessor by adding more detailed graphics, better physics, more car damage, and multiplayer (LAN) modes. Furthermore, Codemasters added support race content such as the Ford Fiestas cup, Formula Ford, and more.

From then on, the future game versions (TOCA World Touring Car games, the RaceDriver Series, and later on the GRID series did not include a fully licensed British Touring Car Championship.