CAMMUS C5 – The Portable Direct Drive Wheel

CAMMUS C5 - The Portable Direct Drive Wheel

Alongside Chinese brands such as Simagic, and Moza Racing, who have been retailing sim racing products outside of China, at a very competitive price, the CAMMUS Electronic Technology Company is probably the lesser-known name in teh Chinese sim racing market.

The Shenzhen CAMMUS Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. is located in Shenzhen Nanshan China near Hong Kong. The company made a name for itself mainly by focusing on the R&D of automotive electronic technologies. Furthermore, the company also founded the WINDBOOSTER sub-brand marketing a number of aftermarket car parts.

In 2014, CAMMUS initiated an automotive project that resulted in the in-house developed electric TITAN supercar. In 2016, the CAMMUS company introduced its first all-electric go-kart project and ventured into the Chinese sim racing market, retailing a Direct Drive wheelbase, a Wheel rim, Loadcell pedals, and a Sim Racing chassis.

Back in 2021, Cammus introduced a Direct Drive wheelbase, a Wheel rim, Loadcell pedals, and a Sim Racing chassis. now the company is back with an innovative new product trying to reduce the size, weight, and cost of a direct drive wheel.

The Cammus C5 is a small form-factor 5Nm (with a peak of 6-7Nm) Direct Drive steering wheel that has all its DD force feedback technology built into the actual wheel rim. The wheel including the motor has a 280mm diameter and is only 67mm thick.

The motor of the C5 also acts as the button box housing and features no less than 12 programmable push-buttons, 8 buttons configured in a D-Pad style layout, and 3 rotary knobs. While the button island on the right side of the wheel is clearly using the classic PlayStation button layout, it is not yet confirmed that the product will also support gaming consoles. The rear of the wheel houses the rather small built-in paddle shifters, the power connector, and a USB port to connect the wheel to your PC.

No further info regarding software or compatibility is shared, but I will keep you informed when more official info becomes available.

In the near future, this new design approach might have a significant impact on the pricing, durability, and shipping of entry-level direct-drive wheels. While no official price has been announced, Cammus has stated that the wheel including a desk clamp should have an MSRP between $250 and $300 US + shipping.

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