CAMMUS – New Chinese Direct Drive Wheel | Pedal Set | Racing Chassis

Almost on a weekly basis, we see new and aspiring brands added to the already extensive list of Sim Racing related manufacturers and service providers, of which most are based in the western world.

Needless to say, a good number of well-known sim racing brands, have their products manufactured in China.

Also, a small number of native Chinese brands have ventured out to the international market and managed to make a name for themselves in the global sim racing scene. Simagic, and Moza Racing are a few good examples of quality products that joined the western market and retail high-end products at a relatively cheap price.

But there are more Chinese manufacturers out there who have not yet promoted their products outside of China.

Important Note:

Before you head out and order any of the products shown in this article, make sure you do your homework. The article is only written to show you what is out there and is based on the content of a handful of websites. The info and integrity of the brand and its products can not be verified in any other way.

While searching for details and media, I came across a number of indiscrepancies regarding the product’s Specifications Features, Pricing, and Availability. Furthermore, the official companies’ Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts are non-existent due to the fact that China banned many global social media providers for Chinese companies.

Nevertheless, it’s always interesting to see what is happening in the world of sim racing. So here we go.

The Shenzhen CAMMUS Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. is located in Shenzhen Nanshan China near Hong Kong. Apparently, the company made name for itself mainly focusing on the R&D of automotive electronic technologies. Furthermore, the company also founded the WINDBOOSTER sub-brand marketing a number of aftermarket car parts.

In 2014, Cammus initiated an automotive project that resulted in the in-house developed electric TITAN supercar. In 2016, CAMMUS introduced its first all-electric go-kart project.

It now seems that the CAMMUS company has ventured into the Chinese sim racing market, retailing a Direct Drive wheelbase, a Wheel rim, Loadcell pedals, and a Sim Racing chassis.

The CAMMUS DDWB 2021 is a Direct Drive Servo wheelbase for the PC with a maximum torque of 15Nm. The DDWB 2021 is connected directly to the PC via USB and can be controlled and tweaked via a mobile app.

The wheelbase is listed on various well-known Chinese web retailers at an average price between €350.00 and €499.00.

CAMMUS also promotes the RSC 2021 GT-Style wheel rim featuring 4 push buttons, 2 rotary buttons, and a set of paddle shifters fitted with carbon-fiber paddle plates.

Furthermore, CAMMUS also developed the anodized aluminum SRP 2021 Loadcell Pedal set in Throttle, Brake, Clutch configuration. The pedals are fully adjustable and come with a pre-drilled pedal plate.

The SRP 2021 Pedal kit is listed on average for €440.00. ( Note: Some were listed as a 2-pedal set with optional Clutch, while some were listed as a 3-pedal set.)

Last but not least, there is the CAMMUS Racing Simulator chassis and single or triple Monitor stand. At the time of writing, I could not find any detailed info regarding a Chassis-only version of this product.

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