Hardware – V1-GP Sim Racing Pedals.

The V1-GP Pedals are pro F1 pedals made in cooperation with ECCI and are sold exclusively by V-Racing. They are a modification of the ECCI Trackstar 6000 and are made especially for low-sitting racing simulators and F1 cockpits. In this video, the V1-GP are mounted in the VRS-P1 Racing Simulator by V-Racing.

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Hardware – Motion Sim racing using Iracing @ Laguna Seca. [by Ensonic13]

Ensonic13 posted an update video of his sm rig. His old X-Sim physics PC is removed, and now uses a 10" Touch screen as SimCommander setup screen. He is performing a SimVibe Test with Chassis Mode for front axis (transducer left / right front of pedal tray) Ensonic 13 states taht this upgrade needs to be enhanced by two other transducers for rear axis left right and 3 more for extended Mode, namely the Motor vibrations under the Seat and pedals, and motor vibes and shift "clunk" on gear the lever.

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