SimRacing Hardware is presenting the MONSTA. [VIDEO]

SimRacing Hardware is showing us a quick teaser video of the much awaited 'Monsta' display. A new concept in simulation displays, the Monsta is designed to be placed just under your monitor/screen directly in your peripheral vision. With colour coded displays its easy to read ALL your sim telemetry without taking your eyes off the road!

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Hardware – 160-inch Simulator curved rear screen by NDesign.

160" (4m x 0,7m) screen solution is portable and only weighs about 50 kg. Takes about 1 hour to assemble. PC with special software is required for reproducing the image from the seamless multi projectorer which is mounted behind. Depth is only 60cm. Curved big screen solution ideal for digital shooting, you save the set to gunpowder, is also available 3D ready. Then you can adjust 3D depth as you experience the depth 5-20m. Cruel reality faithfully.

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Hardware – DEM Simulators present the Ferrari 458 Wheel Mod.

At DEM Racing Simulators they have created a new Wheel mod resembling a Ferrari 458 Wheel. Using what looks like to be a Ferrari F430 wheel as a base,they started replicating the dials and switches of a Ferrari 458. All of these are working and can be defined certain functions.To accomplish this they used the Leo Bodnar SLI-Pro hardware. DEM used the wheel on a Thrustmaster wheel using their Quick Release adapter, but the wheel can be used on all popular Force Feedback wheels on the market.

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