Inside Sim Racing Category presents a first look at F1 2012 for the Xbox 360 by Codemasters. When you first start up this game it has integrated a nice driving school and tutorial into a section called Young Driver Test. It is divided into 2 days with the first day teaching you about the car and its controls. After completion you are ready to move onto day 2 and then start your Formula One career. Read More presents their first look at the Thrustmaster Vibration Cockpit 458 Italia Edition for XBox 360 that is licensed by Ferrari. Darin Gangi and Shaun Cole attended a launch party by Thrustmaster that took place in San Francisco CA back in August where they got to drive the new cockpit with Forza Motorsport 4 and F1 2011. Read More presents This Week Inside Sim Racing. In this show they cover our recent move to the Pacific Northwest. ISR moved the entire company and their lives to Spokane Valley, Washington. This show represents a new beginning and a fresh start to the show. They also cover some sim racing news and layout our plans for future shows from the new location. Read More presents our final look at Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends for the Playstation 3. It is developed by Slightly Mad Studios who also developed the Need for Speed Shift series and is distributed by Atari. Darin Gangi and Shaun Cole put it through it's paces and give it a final score. Watch and see what they think of this title. Read More presents our first look at WRC 3 by Milestone. You may recall seeing our coverage of the game in 2010. Now WRC is back in our hands and we have their third iteration of the series. See what Darin Gangi and Shaun Cole thought of this new version by Milestone. Read More present This Week Inside Sim Racing August 5th edition. This weeks show starts off with a few big announcements regarding the future of Inside Sim Racing. This includes a relocation of the studios and unfortunately the end of an era for a certain host. We also look at the new Thrustmaster Wheel adapter by Derek Speare Designs that will allow the use of any steering wheel on the T500RS wheel. Read More presents our first look at PC version of WRC 3 by Milestone. In this video Shaun Cole tries his hand at the full Rally de Espana 2012 in the Citreon WRC made famous by Sebastien Loeb. This is the full rally with all stages and repairs done between stages. Read More presents an exclusive first look and review of the Bodin Load Cell Brake Mod for the T500RS Wheel. In this video we inspect the pieces and then show you how to install the mod into your pedals. We then use it in game and talk about the pros and cons of the pedals and how it compares to the stock pedal. We then finish things off by scoring it on the rev scale. Read More presents another sim racing rig review. This time we do a long awaited review of the Gamepod GT2 EVO Pro. Some of you may have seen the Gamepod on our set a while back and we felt it was time to put it on the "Revs scale" like all the rest of the rigs we've tried. Darin Gangi and Shaun Cole put the Evo Pro through it's paces as well as about 20 other sim racers over the course of the last two years Read More presents our review of the GTEYE Brake Spring mod for the Logitech G27. Shaun Cole starts off with a very detailed how to on installing this mod into the brake of the G27 pedals. Then he discusses how they work in game compared to the stock spring of the Logitech pedals. Read More presents This Week Inside Sim Racing. In this show we cover the new release of Game Stockcar by Reiza studios. This is the 2012 version of the game including new tracks, new cars, and updates to the game. Read More presents the broadcast of the Inside Sim Racing 120 Minutes of Thunder at The Glen special event that took place on June 30th 2012. Tony Stevens and John Hill called the action. More than 900 drivers raced in the dual class event featuring the Riley Daytona Prototype and the Cadillac CTS-V Racecars on the track at the same time. With over 20 different races going on PSRTV was there to cover the top split with the top qualifiers in both classes. Read More