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/ presents our full review of the DIY Richmotech sim racing rig that Shaun and Jessica built. For this show Shaun purchased $112 worth of materials and is using the same seat we used for the Deathmobile (DIY Wood Rig) and the PVC Rig. In this show, Darin and Shaun go over the pros and the cons of the rig and talk about what it took to make. Read More

Shaun and Jessica continue there DIY Ricmo project. If you want to build a rig yourself, this might be a video that gets you going, and provide you with some tips and tricks. Read More presents the June 23rd edition of This Week Inside Sim Racing. On this show Darin Gangi and Shaun Cole host several topics. We start off by giving more details and prizes for the 120 Minutes of Thunder Race coming up on June 30th. Read More presents our review of the Layne Sim Products custom button and LED box for the PC. This custom box is like many others with a metal case and high quality buttons and switches. It also adds LED lights to the box making it unique and dual purpose. Read More presents our first look F1 2012 by Codemasters as well as an interview with Paul Jeal and Stephen Hood, the two lead developers on the title. Darin sits down with them in the Inside Sim Racing studio while they were here for E3 2012 and asks a handful of questions related to the upcoming title. Read More presents This Week Inside Sim Racing June 8th 2012 edition. his show's hosted by Jessica Lopez and Shaun Cole from the E3 2012 show floor. In this show we briefly discuss F1 2012 by Codemasters, Forza Horizon and Shaun interviews one of the devs on the new EA Need for Speed title, Most Wanted. Read More present Codemasters F1 2012. In this video Darin Gangi and Shaun Cole take their first laps ever at the Circuit of the Americas track in Austin Texas. Read More presents 3 laps of in car footage from the Circuit of the Americas track in F1 2012 by Codemasters. Chief Game Designer Stephen Hood is at the wheel of the Mclaren F1 car from the game. Stephen is driving on an Xbox 360 with a Fanatec CSR Wheel and Clubsport pedals and driving at the Inside Sim Racing Studios. Despite its rather stunning appearance the game is still a work in progress and due out in September of 2012. Key features to watch our for: Front wheel lockup includingRead More presents their second look at Nvidia 3D vision on triple screen monitors. They try it out on various racing simulations and let you know how they've changed and or improved the technology. Shaun Cole is your host and we hope you enjoy the show! Read More presents This Week Inside Sim Racing May 25th Edition. On today's show we cover many topics. They start things off with our announcement of the 120 Minutes of Thunder at the Glen that we will be hosting. Read More presents another sim racing rig review. This time we re-visit the GT Omega Racing rig due to some changes and we also check out their new triple monitor stand. Darin Gangi and Shaun Cole put the GT Omega Supreme package through it's paces, tell you the Pros and Cons and then put it on the revs scale again. Read More presents This Week Inside Sim Racing. On the May 11th edition of the show Jessica Lopez hosts and starts things off with some race reports from some of the best sim racing leagues there are. We cover Formula Sim Racing as they compete at Shanghai, China for Round 3 of their championship. We also cover the Touring Pro Series running the V8 Supercars as they headed to Albert Park to kick off their season. In addition we follow the iRacing Drivers World Championships and catch up as those seasonsRead More