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This coming March, the new iRacing build will add the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR to the online racing service. Let's check out some more previews.Read More

iRacing deployed the 2020 Season 1 Patch 3, and a new hotfix to address some issues introduced after deploying the new Patch.Read More

iRacing announced that tomorrow they will add the NASCAR series to the AI-enabled content list. letting you race against computer-controlled opponents on the Daytona and Talladega circuits.Read More
iRacing and Turner Motorsport have confirmed that the BMW M4 GT4 will be coming to its popular online racing service.Read More deployed the second patch for the 2020 Season 1 build.Read More
In one of the last official iRacing videos of the year, the development team takes a look back at the major content releases, updates, and new features released between December 2018 and  December 2019.Read More deployed the first patch for the 2020 Season 1 build, solving some more issues and adding some more improvements.Read More
iRacing deployed Hotfix #1, which solves some issues introduced with the 2020 Season 1 build. Check out the changelog for more details.Read More
Billy Strange tested this first edition of the iRacing AI feature and shares his first impressions via his latest video podcast.Read More
In this tutorial, Drew Adamson, who is the Media Producer at iRacing, explains to us how you can create custom spec maps for your personal iRacing paint schemes.Read More deployed the 2020 Season 1 build of their iRacing online racing service.Read More
iRacing published a new set of preview screenshots introducing the upcoming Ford Mustang GT V8 Supercar.Read More