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iRacing 2018 Indycar
iRacing lets us have a first look at the 2018 Indycar model which will replace the older iRacing Indycar DW12.Read More

iRacing Audi R18
iRacing published a small teaser video showing us a glimpse of the upcoming virtual Audi R18 e-tron Quatrro LMP1.Read More

iRacing 2018 March Build
On March 6, iRacing will deploy a new build of their online racing service featuring an impressive list of new content.Read More
iRacing Subaru
During an interview conducted by Red Bull Gaming, iRacing, Steve Myers confirmed that a Subaru RX will become part of the iRacing Red Bull Global Rallycross series.Read More
iRacing 2018
iRacing President Tony Gardner posted a 2018 Development Update in which he reveals some of the upcoming new features for the iRacing Online Racing Service.Read More
Chilli Bowl iRacing
iRacing published a new promo video, officially introducing the upcoming Chili Bowl Nationals content for their online racing service.Read More
iRacing Chili Bowl announced that they will be adding the Tulsa Expo Raceway, home of the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals to its dirt track portfolio.Read More
iRacing - 2018 Season 1 Release Notes has deployed the new 2018 Season 1 build for their online racing service.Read More
iRacing Knoxville officially announced that the Knoxville Raceway Dirt oval will be available to purchase on December 5th.Read More
iRacing Animated NASCAR Pit Crew
iRacing has confirmed that the animated NASCAR Pit Crew will be added to the iRacing Online Racing Service on December 5th.Read More
Red Bull Global Rallycross
iRacing published the release date and a new video trailer of the iRacing Red Bull Global Rallycross content.Read More
iRacing Dirt Midget
iRacing officially announced that Dirt Midget racers will become part of the iRacing Online Racing Service.Read More