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Rain, the feature we all want, but rarely want to use is in the making for iRacing, and will become available in March 2024 at the soonest. On a serious note, the dynamic rain system will massively enhance the racing experience in an endurance setting.

iRacing has been working on a rain system (code name Tempest) for several years, and it is nearing completion. The new part of the weather system will be dynamic, meaning that it will change its intensity and location over time, and will affect the track surface, the grip levels, and the visibility for drivers on track. 

In a recent post, iRacing shared some more detailed info regarding Static and Forecasted weather systems.


With Static weather, you can test specific conditions that don’t change. For example, you could have the track maintain a consistent level of water that remains the same from lap to lap. This is a great way to focus on one track/environment state, dial in a setup, etc.

With Forecasted weather, you are tapping into the true power of Tempest. Drawing upon our advanced real-world-based models, Forecasted Weather will create a forecast true to what you’d experience at the selected track and time of year (constrained by the track’s open and close dates). You can choose to roll with the provided Forecast, or, if you like, you can nudge that forecast in a particular direction you prefer by providing specifics about the cloud cover, chance of rain, temperature, and more.

Our View Forecast interface will let you see how the forecast will likely play out over time. If you aren’t happy with the forecast at any time, you can quickly Regenerate a new one with the Regenerate function. If you need more control, you can utilize the Timeline Editor (shared in a previous post).

Just like in the real world, with Forecasted Weather mode, the weather you experience will be variable and can drift over time. This variability provides a true-to-life experience and adds a whole new dimension to racing in iRacing!

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