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Simbin uploaded a preview video of the BMW M1 at the Hungaroring. Both are upcoming content for RaceRoom Racing Experience. Read More

The SimBin team is very proud to announce the addition of another great manufacturer to an already amazing line up for RaceRoom Racing Experience, welcome Mercedes-Benz to the family! Read More

A race version of the German high-performance supersports car, Gumpert Apollo is now available in RaceRoom Racing Experience. Check out the car on Monza in the video. Read More
SimBin's Creative Director, Diego Sartori, tells us about the Novice difficulty setting in the free-to-play PC racing game, RaceRoom Racing Experience. Read More
SimBin released a new Steam update for RaceRoom Racing Experience. The game will automatically be updated when you restart your Steam client. Read More
SimBin posted a new video highlighting all the exciting racing cars and racing circuits now featured in the free-to-play racing game, RaceRoom Racing Experience. Read More
Markus Matthias posted a video of Sim Bin's RaceRoom Racing Experience racing the BMW 320 Turbo at the Belgian Circuit Zolder. Read More
Four kilometers of tarmac have joined RaceRoom Racing Experience. From the wonderful country of Belgium, RaceRoom Racing Experience brings you the 10 turn 4.011 km, Circuit Zolder! Read More
Simbin is excited to announce that another BMW has joined R3E. They have reached into the history books and came up with a classic. Read More
SimBin has announced they are preparing a big RaceRoom Racing Experience update. The release brings improvements to all aspects of R3E. Read More
Markus Matthias showcasing the two new RaceRoom Racing Experience additions on the newly added Italian Monza track. The famous Italian circuit of Monza, is the perfect setting to test the Radical SR9 Judd & Pagani Zonda R. Read More
Two new race cars and one new race track joined R3E! The famous Italian circuit of Monza, the Pagani Zonda R and two versions of the Radical SR9 (AER & JUDD) have been added to the RaceRoom Racing Experience lineup and are waiting for you in the R3E store Read More