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R3E Audi 90 quattro GTO
Simbin released the Audi 90 Quattro GTO for RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E).Read More

R3E Multiplayer
Simbin is calling out to all former Beta testers of RaceRoom Racing Experience to test the alpha multiplayer function of DTM Experience.Read More

RaceRoom Racing Experience GT Masters
Simbin has announced a new racing series that will become part of the RaceRoom Racing Experience free to play platform. Simbin is welcoming the ADAC GT Masters to R3E by means of a new time-attack competition series.Read More
R3E Audi 90 Quattro
In the latest SimBin development blog, Physics & AI team member Mark Reynolds takes the Audi 90 Quattro IMSA racer for a test drive while talking about the history of this famous car.Read More
Raceroom Racing Experience Multiplayer
In the latest SimBin dev blog, the development teams explains that they are preparing for the DTM Experience and RaceRoom Racing Experience Multiplayer Alpha patch, and provide us with some basic information on what the MP Alpha will include.Read More
RaceRoom Racing Experience Nissan GTR
Simbin published a new RaceRoom Racing Experience development blog post explaining what they are working on and what we can expect in the next patch that will be released next week.Read More
Raceroom Racing Experience easter sale
Simbin invites you to try the new RameRoom Racing Experience class based challenges they have put up. The four new Challenges on the RRE competition page feature a choice of 16 cars you can race on 4 different tracks.They even combined the new events with a big Easter sale promo.    Read More
RaceRoom Racing Experience 2014
Simbin published a new dev blog where they talk about the new patch they are preparing for RaceRoom Racing Experience. The patch is supposed to go live next week. Simbin also shares some more detailed info about their work on the Multiplayer Alpha, and how they will go about for the rollout of the feature.Read More
Audi 90 IMSA GTO Preview
A few days ago the Simbin development team showed us the first preview pictures of the Audi 90 Imsa GTO model in progress. Today they have put a smile on the face of many sim racers out there. Simbin uploaded a small teaser video showing us some impressive flyby's of the Audi Imsa 90 GTO model in game.Read More
Audi IMSA 90 GTO
In their Dev blog, Simbin keeps us informed on the development of RaceRoom Racing experience. In this news flash they reveal some info regarding the upcoming Multi-player feature an show us the first previews of the Audi IMSA 90 GTO.Read More
DTM Experience review
Yesterday we posted a Gamer Muscle video about his first impressions of DTM Experience by Simbin Studios. Knowing James, a full-blown, somewhat different review could not be far of.Read More
DTM Experience Demo
Gamer Muscle has a first look at DTM Experience by Simbin Studios. He starts up the engine and shares his first impressions while driving.Read More