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RaceRoom GT3 Class Physics Updates coming

RaceRoom GT3 Physics Updates

RaceRoom GT3 class Update

RaceRoom GT3 Class Physics Updates coming

Sector3 Studios seems ready to release the new Raceroom update and bring us the Nurburgring Nordschleife. We expect it to become available very soon now.

The new patch will include physics updates for all the RaceRoom GT3 class cars, bringing them all up to spec with the latest quality standard. With the help of partner KW Suspensions, the R3E development team members Karsten Borchers and Marko Hartikainen were able to completely rebuild the suspension model of all the RaceRoom GT3-specs cars. Besides the suspension, also the Aerodynamics, tires, gearbox ratios and steering geometry have been improved.

The GT3 cars now feature a locked differential, fixed gear ratios and make use of traction control according to the FIA GT3 regulations. The gear ratios resemble the actual ratios used in the real cars. The new patch will also contain some livery modifications and sound updates.

Take note: The development team explained that custom setups and steering settings won’t be compatible after the deployment of the patch and will have to be reset to default.

Sector3 also decided to bring the P4/5 to the GTR3 class after matching its balance of performance. At a later stage, the Ford Mustang GT3 will also be transferred to the GTR3 class. The new Bentley Continental GT3 will join the GTR3 class in April, followed by the recently announced McLaren 650S GT3. (The Bentley will also become available in the GT Masters 2015 pack.)

Last but not least, Sector3 confirmed that we can expect to see more new GT3 car announcements in the near future.

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