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RFT is showcasing the first screenshots of the Marusia Formula 1 car that will be featured in the upcoming F1RFT 2012 mod for rFactor. Read More

On their Facebook page it shows CTDP is testing their upcoming International Formula Masters mod on the Feels 3 Top Gear track wip project. The future of rFactor 2 seems to be assured with mods and tracks of this quality. Read More

Feels3 is showing us some more previews of his version of the Croft track. In a previous post you could see him experiment with detail effects like moving leaves. Who knows what else he has up his sleave. At this time it seems that there are only a few projects in progress for rF2, but if they all build with this kind of passion , all will be fine. Read More
In the first episode we take a single lap around the classic Monaco GP, and for episode two We take an onboard ride for the first lap of the 1966 spa GP - presented in the style of a 1960s British commentator. Read More
ISI released a batch of Preview screenshots showing us the Brabham BT20 on the Historic 10km Monza track. Note that these screenshots were captured during the development of rFactor 2 and therefore are not indicative of final content or quality. Read More
Virtua_LM is working on a conversion of their Sebring track from rFactor, to rFactor 2. It will be one more Quality track creation coming to rF2. Read More
GTERTET loves the Toyota Supra. In his opinion, its one of the most beautiful cars in history, and of course, one of the most classic ones. So he decided to make this video as a tribute. Read More
BSNISMO takes the new Formula Master for a spin at the Classic Monaco track. All footage in BETA stage. Read More
RFT is showcasing the first screenshots of the Hispania Formula 1 that will be featured in the upcoming F1RFT 2012 mod for rFactor. Read More
Yesterday an rFactor 2 user pointed out this little video, published in January 2012, showing the TGM Tyre Tool in action. Read More
Quick explanation of VMod versus RFMOD and how you don't have to have multiple versions of the same cars and tracks. Also, how you can download rfmods from right inside the software. Obviously the track visible is work-in-progress (0.8). Read More
BSNismo tested the new ISI formula Masters, that came out together with Build 85. The new open wheeler seems to be lots of fun. Read More