rFactor – Virtua_LM Junior Team GTPC presentation graphics.

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Virtua LM Junior team Is a Mod group recreating the era of Group C racing for Rfactor. GTPC started its life as the Prototype C mod for rFactor, and will recreate the racing era 1980´s 24h of Le Mans. 
The last few weeks the Virtua_LM Junior Teamhas been teasing us with a glimpse of the presentation graphics that will accompany  GTPC mod for rFactor.

The team now released no less then 314 screens of just about every livery that has been used at the 24h of Le Mans during the Group C era. The field is accompanied by a selection of DRM, WEC, JSPC and Supercup contenders.

Creating all the presentation graphics must have been a huge task, but the painters at Junior Virtua_LM did not give up. It is rumoured that the mod will see the light of day, before the end of the year, but even without the mod, this massive collection of presentation graphics will become a collectors item for all hardcore Le Mans fans.

All the cars in this library depict the original liveries as used at the 24h of Le Mans during the 80´s. All presentation graphics are in fact screenshots created in the rFactor showroom.
The mod will include a vast amount of famous and less known Le Mans group C prototypes, and will be accompanied by a selection of historical GT cars that also endured the famous french endurance race.


Official Webpage – https://www.virtua-lm.com


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