Creosim MPS-15 Paddle Shifters for Fanatec Wheels Review

Creosim MPS-15 Paddle Shifters for Fanatec Wheels Review

Creosim MPS-15 Paddle Shifters for Fanatec Wheels Review

Inside Sim Racing’s John Sabol reviews the Creosim MPS-15 Paddle Shifter update for the Fanatec Formula Wheel Rims and Universal Hub. Are these premium shifters worth a premium price? John tries to fiend out.


The CreoSim Paddle Shifters-package comes with paddle shifters for F1-style steering wheels and extended GT-style paddles for larger wheels. CreoSim Paddle Shifters are compatible with Fanatec ClubSport F1-Wheel Rim, Fanatec Universal Hub and custom made steering wheels.

MPS-15 Paddle Shifter 1  MPS-15 Paddle Shifter 2

Product Description

CreoSim Paddle Shifters has adjustable magnet snap action feature with a great and responsive tactile feedback. You’ll never miss a gearshift again.

Most paddle shifters, including the original Fanatec shifters, are using a spring to hold the paddle in place. You need to gradually overcome the spring tension to activate a switch for a gear change to take place. The problem with this solution is that sometimes you are accidentally ghost shifting.

Ghost shifting is when you pull the paddle for a gear change, but you accidentally only pull the paddle half way of its throw and the switch is not activated. You have just missed a gear and valuable time, or worse, a position and maybe the race.

With a magnet, there’s no gradual tension. The paddle makes a sudden snap when pulled and it’s unavoidable to activate the switch. Plus, it gives a great tactile feedback to the driver that indicates a gear change has occurred. The magnet can be re-positioned to adjust the resistance for the snap action.


139,00€ incl. VAT (EU) | 111,20€ ex. VAT (Outside EU)*

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