Cube Controls CSX3 Review By Laurence Dusoswa

Cube Controls CSX3 Review By Laurence Dusoswa

Not so long ago, Cube Controls SRLS revealed its new Formula CSX3 Steering Wheel. YouTubing sim racer Laurence Dusoswa has been using the new steering wheel for the past few weeks and now takes a deep dive into the CSX3 and compares it to the CSX2 and GT-X units.

As a follow-up to the Cube Controls CSX2 unit, and seemingly based on the F-Pro wheel rim, the new Formula CSX3 rim comes with a SimHub-supported 4-inch LCD Touch screen, buttons, dials, and RGB LEDs that can now also be configured by the hugely popular SimHub software. The standard CSX3 wheel features both a set of shifters and a set of clutch paddles and can be optionally expanded with a third pair. The wheel is connected to the PC via a Q-CONN magnetic connector on the back of the rim, as seen on the F-PRO and QRX quick-release units.

Time Stamps:

  • Start: 0:00 1
  • Introduction: 0:44 2
  • First Impressions: 1:57 3
  • Price: 3:24 4
  • Hardware: 4:19 5
  • Software: 5:07 6
  • Screen: 6:42 7
  • Buttons & Rotaries: 9:09 8
  • Shifters & Clutch: 12:49 9
  • Grips: 13:49 10
  • Final Thought: 14:45

The Cube Controls Formula CSX3 rim will become available for a price, starting at €1270.00 + shipping. At the time of writing, no official launch date has been shared, but I will keep you up to date when more details and the release schedule is shared.

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