Cube Controls Formula CSX2 Rim Review By Laurence Dusoswa

Cube Controls Formula CSX2 Rim Review By Laurence Dusoswa

Cube Controls Formula CSX2 Rim Review By Laurence Dusoswa

After several weeks of ownership, Laurence Dusoswa reviews the high-end Cube Controls CSX2 Formula Rim.

Cube Controls SRLS is based in Italy and is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art sim racing equipment for both the professional and sim racing enthusiast market.

The CSX2 is a fully functional high-end Formula Pro steering wheel that is equipped with a series of impressive features such as integrated 4.3″ LCD display, RPM and warning LEDs, custom backlit buttons, and CNC machined aluminum knobs. (Check out the detailed specifications below)

Furthermore, the wheel is fitted with a set of fully adjustable carbon/aluminum magnetic shifters and clutch paddles. The Formula CSX2 wheel frame is constructed out of a real carbon fiber front and backplate. The rim measures 28.2 cm diameter and can be fitted to any standard 50,8mm PCD adapter with 3 mounting holes.

The Cube Controls Formula CSX2 Rim is available via the official website at a price of €1,499.00 + shipping.

Optionally, customers may choose a different color for the Aluminium 50/70mm Hub and Paddles:

  • Black: Standard – no additional cost
  • Red + €27.00
  • Blue + 37.00

Cube Controls Formula CSX2 Front

Cube Controls Formula CSX2 Parts
  Cube Controls Formula CSX2 Rim RearCube Controls Formula CSX2 Rim Rear

Full Specifications:

  • 4.3″ full-color LCD screen with completely customizable screens and PC configuration utility
  • Anti-scratch strengthened display glass
  • User-configurable backlit buttons, each one can be individually turned off, set as flashing, reverse flashing, latching flash
  • In-software clutch and shifters configuration
  • Grip-to-Grip wheel length, 28.2cm
  • Grip max diameter, 45mm
  • Straight back USB Connector
  • Diameter 28.2 cm
  • 13 momentary buttons, two of them with a “toggle” flashing led indicator (useful for pit limiter, neutral)
  • Two on/off toggle switches with status led
  • 2 front rotary encoders
  • 2 thumb rotary encoders
  • 2 thumb rotary encoders integrated into the grips
  • Multi-directional joystick with integrated encoder
  • Zero play short-throw custom-designed magnetic switchless paddle shifters
  • Launch control clutch system
  • Elastomer molded grips (via Cube Controls proprietary technology)
  • Carbon fiber main plate
  • CNC machined billet aluminum main body
  • All aluminum parts are CNC machined and anodized
  • Wheel hub compatible with all formula-style quick release hubs (3 bolts, 1-inch and 70mm PCD)
  • Powered USB extension cord
  • Weight: 1180 gr
  • VR friendly
  • Compatible with Thrustmaster, Logitech, AccuForce, Fanatec, and SimuCube 1&2


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Cube Controls Formula CSX2