Cube Controls – SP01 Pedal Set Teaser Video

Cube Controls - SP01 Pedals Teaser Video

Cube Controls SRLS is based in Italy and is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art sim racing equipment for both the professional and sim racing enthusiast market.

The Italian manufacturer has already made a name for itself by producing a series of stunning high-end modern Formula and GT wheels for sim racing purposes, and recently proudly announced a technical partnership with the renowned German Mercedes-AMG automotive brand, to exclusively develop and manufacture a unique custom steering wheel for the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series.

But there is more to come. After a reveal of a prototype during the 2021 SimRacing Expo, Cube Controls is now getting ready to launch the brand new SP01 high-end pedal set. While no real technical details have been officially shared, we do know that the brake pedal features a 200kg load cell and hydraulic damper, and the throttle features a 100% Carbon Fiber Throttle plate.

As far as looks are concerned, The SP01 pedals seem to be all we have come to expect from Cube Controls. An absolute work of art.

At the time of writing, no official launch date has been shared. I will keep you up to date when more details, pricing, or release info is available.

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Cube Controls SP01 Pedal Set
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