Cube Controls Supply Wheel For The New Honda Civic Type R TCR

Cube Controls Supply Wheel For The New Honda Civic Type R TCR

It has become a thing, where established sim racing peripheral manufacturers are starting to find a market in the real racing world. More and more sim racing hardware developers are beginning to utilize their sim racing-based manufacturing expertise, to develop hardware for use in real-world scenarios.

We have already witnessed official brand partnerships such as Fanatec developing the BMW M4 GT3, the WRC Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1 wheels for real-world racing use, and Ascher Racing who developed a GT steering wheel for the real McLaren Artura GT4.

Recently, Italian manufacturer Cube Controls SRLS, a manufacturer of state-of-the-art sim racing equipment for both the professional and sim racing enthusiast market, announced a technical partnership with the renowned German Mercedes-AMG automotive brand, developing and manufacturing the steering wheel of the real-world AMG GT Track Series car.

Now Cube Controls is back with a real-world steering wheel solution, presenting the official steering wheel used in the all-new Honda Civic Type R TCR car which is developed by the Italian JAS Motorsport team who are an official Honda technical partner.

The reveal pictures of the new 2023 Honda TCR racer show us the official Civic Type R TCR steering wheel developed and manufactured by Cube Controls. At the time of writing, no further details were shared, but the photo’s clearly show us a Honda branded Formula style wheel design featuring 16 push buttons and 2 thumb rotary encoders. The rear houses 2 (or more) paddle shifter levers. As far as I know, the Cube Controls Honda TCR wheel is developed and manufactured exclusively for the real car, but who knows… maybe this could lead to an officially branded Honda or TCR sim racing wheel in the near future.

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