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Custom Quick release system for the G25 by Leopoldo Ramirez

Quick release system for the G25 by Leopoldo Ramirez

Steering Wheel modding wizard, Leopoldo Ramirez has been building some impressive Formula One replica wheels to be used in a Sim Racing environment.  Only a few weeks ago we posted an article about Leopoldo’s latest creation. This time a BMW Sauber F1 2009 steering wheel. The end result was an exact copy of the wheel as used by Robert Kubica.

Now Leopoldo is working on phase 2 of the project. The custom F1 wheel needs to be connected to the Logitech G27 base unit. Preferably this should be done with the use of a quick release hub, as seen on real racing cars. For that reason, Leopoldo Ramirez is designing his own Quick Release and is showing us the progress in these video’s.

While designing the unit, he intended to keep the size and weight of Quick Release hub to a minimum and doing so, preventing excess wear and tear on the Logitech base unit.