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CXC Simulations – In the Spotlight

CXC Simulations - In the Spotlight

CXC Simulations

CXC Simulations – In the Spotlight

In 2007, Chris Considine founded CXC Simulations. Based in Los Angeles, California, he started building simulators for both professional drivers and motorsports enthusiasts. It did not take long before the CXC Motion Pro was born. Today the famous CXC Motion Pro Simulator is the pride of the company. The motion simulator is purpose built for private, professional and commercial environments.

CXC Simulations has published a new series of interesting infotainment videos taking us behind the scenes at the CXC headquarters.

These days, racing simulators have become a big part of the real world racing scene. Sim Training, Driver Coaching and Track time have become an important part of a driver’s  preparation when pursuing a motorsport career. For that reason, up and coming talents often seek the opportunity to prepare themselves in a virtual environment to become a more confident, capable racing driver.

CXC Simulations is one of the companies supplying the necessary tools to give racing drivers the edge when it comes to training and preparation off-track.


CXC Design Spotlight – It’s All In The Details

The Motion Pro II Simulator is the pride and joy of CXC Simulations. A lot of design, engineering, and testing ensures that the customer gets what he paid for. To produce the high-quality advanced racing simulator, CXC Simulations employs a professional team of engineers, manufacturing specialists, and real world racing drivers. The end result is a simulator that will let the customer experience racing as accurately as possible.


CXC Driver Coaching System

A good driver coach can substantially help the career of an aspiring or weathered racing driver. With today’s track time price tag, the use of a high-tech modern racing simulator can considerably cut the cost. This generated a rise in demand for advanced training and coaching tools.

CXC Simulations’ innovative driver Coaching System can provide you with an advancing training tool for amateur and professional drivers alike. Using the CXC racing simulator, a professional driver coach can provide instant feedback to drivers utilizing CXC’s Coaching System which uses real-time telemetry analysis and eye-tracking.


How To – A Lap of the Nurburgring Walkthrough

Besides the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of circuit driving from the comfort of your home or company, a racing simulator is also the perfect tool to familiarize yourself with tracks you have not yet learned driving on and would prove very expensive to do so.

A good example is the legendary Nurburgring Nordschleife which would take a lot of real-world track time to master. A high-end simulator combined with today’s software and laser-scanned tracks enable you to accurately familiarize yourself with a track without ever having visited the venue. In the above video former Maserati test driver Josh Allen, attacks the world famous Green Hell in a CXC Simulations Motion Pro II equipped with CXC’s Coaching System and Eye Tracking.


CXC Client Spotlight – Setting Up the Red Bull Simulator

The famous energy drink and Sports sponsor Red Bull company asked CXC Simulations to build them a custom racing simulator for their high-performance athlete training program. The motion simulator has to simulate their Red Bull sponsored FIA World Rallycross car in order to recreate the intense rallycross experience. Utilizing the CXC Coaching System, the Red Bull simulator is a useful training tool not only for drivers, but Red Bull athletes from all disciplines.

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