D-BOX Gen-3 4250i Motion System Review By AussieStig

D-BOX Gen-3 4250i Motion System Review By AussieStig

In a previous video, sim racing enthusiast AussieStig reviewed the 2020 version of the Playseat Sensation Pro static simulator chassis.

AussieStig now takes the setup a step further by adding a high-end D-BOX Gen-3 4250i 1.5” quad Motion System to the rig. He shows us how relatively easy this motion solution can be installed and showcases the working system while driving on some of the famous (virtual) race circuits.

Canada based D-BOX Technologies is a company that designs, manufactures, and commercializes motion systems for the entertainment, simulation, and training markets worldwide.

In October 2020, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the governing body of motorsport & mobility, officially announced the exclusive endorsement of D-BOX products by the FIA. This agreement will lead to a range of FIA Official Licensed Products proposed by D-BOX to the FIA Clubs and all its other retail partners around the world.

Recently, D-BOX introduced its new third-generation actuator form factor which is more robust and compact than its predecessor, while retaining the same core architecture and software integration process.

A typical D-BOX 4250i kit consist of 2 ACM control units, a master version and a slave version. Each of these are wired with 2 Actuators making a total of 4. The KCU unit is needed for controlling the D-BOX setup.


  • Max. lifting capacity / Actuator – 250lb/113kg
  • Actuator orientation – Vertical/Horizontal
  • Maximum vertical lift – 1.5’’ / 38.1 mm
  • Maximum velocity – ± 100 mm/sec
  • Maximum acceleration – ± 1 g-force
  • Frequency range – 0-100 Hz
  • Operating T° range – 0-40°C
  • Operating humidity – 10 to 50%
  • Power Requirement – 230 V, 60 Hz

D-Box is an industry leader and is famed for its high-quality products. Needles to say, this comes at a price. Yet, the third Gen actuator kit is considerably cheaper than the older Gen-2 model.

The D-BOX Gen-3 4250i Motion System is available via a selection of retailers for an average price of around €10.500 incl. VAT. (check out your local dealer for accurate pricing information)

Official Webpages – www.d-box.com  –  www.playseatstore.com

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