D-BOX Technologies And SIMTAG Announce Haptic Sim Racing Pedals

D-BOX Technologies and SIMTAG haptic pedal announcement.

D-BOX Technologies and SIMTAG Are Reinventing the Virtual Sim Racing Experience.

At least that is the strong punchline used to announce that the Canadian D-Box motion simulator company headquartered in Montreal, and Belgium based SIMTAG company, known as a developer of simulators and accessories for Sim Racing, have reached an agreement after which D-BOX will supply SIMTAG with haptic components to be integrated into a yet to be announced SIMTAG active brake pedal with integrated FIA-licensed haptic technology.

The value of the haptic components to be sold by D-BOX pursuant to this agreement is approximately $1.17 million (US$918,000) over the next year. This innovation, using proven technology, confirms D‑BOX’s know-how and technological advancement in the home entertainment industry and is offering new market opportunities for both SIMTAG and D-BOX.

This new type of brake pedal will greatly enhance the racing experience, giving it an improved realism transmitted through feedback and subtle vibration to the pedal. Through the combination of a pedal set and a haptic seat, the entire body is involved to create a feeling of immersion in any Sim Racing experience.

That said, integrating haptic feedback with racing pedals is not exactly new in the world of sim racing. A hand full of racing pedal companies have already tried to implement tactile feedback on their products, and many sim racers are currently running DIY solutions, using third-party transducers powered by telemetry based software such as SimXperience Sim Commander and Sim hub.

The main problem for most current manufacturers is how to implement haptic feedback within a certain price range. For most Sim Racing peripheral brands who are retailing mid-tier products, adding haptic feedback would prove too costly to retain a competitive pricing model.

Since D-Box, and SIMTAG are both companies that operate in the higher (luxury) echelons of the sim racing industry, and therefore can afford to produce products for the more expensive side of the market, it will be interesting to see how they will implement the announced technology.

At this time, no further details, release schedule, or pricing is known. We will keep you posted when more info becomes available.

In Sim Racing, all parameters are used to get a realistic feeling. Suspension, alignment, tire wear, and even the temperature of the tires are simulated. Until now, brake wear or temperature rarely had any influence on a simulator. With the D-BOX technology, we can now simulate brake wear along with the ABS feeling. This will improve the braking systems for simulators to a completely new level, said János Zsinor, Co‑Owner & Sales Manager at SIMTAG.

This technological breakthrough once again demonstrates the recognition of our peers when it comes to innovation and our great expertise in haptic technology, said Sébastien Mailhot, President, and CEO of D‑BOX. The new pedal set offers new market opportunities for both SIMTAG and D-BOX. This is a great new product, part of the Sim Racing portfolio, which will enhance the gaming experience of racers all around the world!

Official Websites – www.d-box.comsimtag.eu

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