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DEM DRS Integrale and Endurance Rim – First retail version pictures

DEM DRS Integrale

DEM DRS Integrale  DRS Endurance Rim

DEM DRS Integrale and Endurance Rim – First retail version pictures

Two weeks ago, DEM Racing Simulators started the pre-order for their new DRS Integrale Professional Steering System for the PC.

Back then (and even today), the shop page only contained a few drawings of the DRS Integrale Steering System design. So we are pleased that today a few pictures of the actual retail products have surfaced on the web.

It still puzzles us why the wheel system and endurance rim are already on pre-order, and yet there is info regarding a quick release or fitting system. Furthermore, the wheel is pictured with a hub, display, and paddle shifters fitted, yet there is no mention whatsoever regarding these add-ons.

While the buttons and paddle shifter might just be optional, the wheel rim itself will need a wheel mounting flange or quick release te be connected to the base unit. Since this vital part is not yet announced, it might bring an extra cost to the already steep price range.

The DEM DRS Integrale is available for pre-order at the introductory price of 1 134,90 €.  It has become clear that for this price, the DRS Integrale wheel will not include a rim nor quick release adapter. An optional DRS Endurance Rim is on sale for an extra 399,00 €.  ( for this price it does not include a hub, display or quick release)

(For the moment, we could not find any info regarding the required quick release adapter on the DEM web page or web Store. So it is not clear how the DRS, and aftermarket wheels will be connected to the actual base unit.)

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DEM DRS Integrale Features:

  • Unparalleled force feedback quality and driving realism
  • Steering wheel connects directly to encoder, there is no motor shaft between your arms and the encoder
  • Dual-motor Force Feedback System with high accuracy and low backlash gear train, powerful dual motors support up to 16Nm of torque
  • Counter rotating strategy to reduce gears backlash to zero
  • Torque is easily adjustable for safe use by friends and family
  • Adjustable wheel dampening
  • Adjustable wheel inertia
  • High torque resolution for each motor
  • Perfect true linear render of force feedback forces, from min to max forces
  • Up to 6000Hz communication rate pc <-> steering wheel
  • Lowest possible latency  due to integration of controller and motor drive system on a single circuit board
  • 1080 degrees of rotation, user can modify this value in 240 – 1080 degrees range.
  • 16,000 PPR (pulse per revolution) positional feedback
  • 16-bit control loop resolution
  • Expansion port for 2 digital buttons and 3 analogic input (pedals and rotary encoders)

Supported titles:

  • Assetto Corsa
  • Game Stock Car
  • iRacing
  • Kart Racing Pro
  • netKar Pro
  • Project CARS
  • Race 07 + expansions
  • Raceroom Racing Experience
  • rFactor
  • rFactor 2
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