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Derek Speare Designs Brings Simcube 2 Direct Drive Wheels To The US

Derek Speare Designs Brings Simcube 2 Direct Drive Wheels To The US

SimCube 2

Derek Speare Designs Brings Simcube 2 Direct Drive Wheels To The US

Derek Speare Designs (DSD), situated in Tampa Bay Florida has some very good news for US-based sim racers. DSD proudly announced that they have partnered with Granite Devices to be the US Distributor for the Simucube 2 Direct Drive Wheels.

Continuing the success of its predecessor Simucube 1, Finnish e-sport and professional simulation racing hardware manufacturer, Granite Devices designed the new Simucube 2 direct drive sim racing wheelbase.

A direct drive force feedback sim racing wheelbase produces steering wheel force feedback by a directly coupled torque motor without any intermediate gear or belt transmission mechanism. The absence of a transmission mechanism enhances force feedback sensation in multiple domains, contributing to faster lap times and immersing the driver to the game.

The all-new Simucube 2 is available in three different torque level variants: The Simucube 2 Sport, the Simucube 2 Pro, and the professional Simucube 2 Ultimate model.

Simucube 2 has been built from the ground up to minimize latencies between the wheelbase and the simulation software and features real-nature modeling based Inertia, Damping and Friction effects inside Simucube’s real-time digital signal processor.

The Simucube Quick Release™ system (SQR) makes it possible to swiftly switch to different steering wheels on Simucube 2. SQR supports most of the existing steering wheels and is straightforward to use. Once SQR wheel is locked-in, the resulting joint to the wheelbase equals the rigidity of a solid piece of metal, just like in a real race car.

Simucube 2 now also supports the Simucube Wireless Wheel™ (SWW) connection between the wheelbase and the steering wheel which allows more freedom for the driver and one less thing to worry about while racing. The SWW system allows hot-swapping different wheels without the need to re-assign controls in the simulator.


Simucube 2 Direct Drive Wheelbase  Simucube 2 Direct Drive Wheelbase Rear

DSD Press Release:

Derek Speare Designs is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Granite Devices to be the US Distributor for the Simucube 2 Direct Drive Wheels and complementary components.  This is a massive opportunity for our customers to take advantage of the best in sim racing wheel technology!  We’re excited to bring our customers in the United States and Canada this amazing wheel system.  The Simucube 2 is built on the foundation laid by Granite Devices, the people who made Direct Drive Wheels a reality for everyone.


We have a small allocation of Sport and Pro versions available to us for customer shipping no later than mid July.  We recommend that you do not wait if you are looking to make your purchase since we do not expect ordering to last long.


Remember, the Simucube 2 delivers:

  • Reliability – Made in Europe by the people who have been making industrial control machinery for decades
  • Performance – cutting edge hardware controllers and outstanding interface and configuration software to deliver the huge and subtle forces you need to win
  • Value – no fancy colors or frills. A fancy paint job doesn’t make a wheel perform better – You just get maximum performance for every dollar of your hard-earned cash


Pricing for July Shipments:

  • Sport – 1199.00 USD
  • Pro – 1399.00 USD
  • Ultimate – 2699.00 (VERY LIMITED availability)


To make your order see this page from the DSD Site:

Thank you for taking the time to read our Simucube 2 Announcement Email!  We know your time is valuable and appreciate you sharing it with us right now.  We are certain that the Simucube 2 Direct Drive Wheels will make every aspect of your sim racing efforts more enjoyable!


Cheers and happy racing!


Derek Speare
Founder – Derek Speare Designs

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