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Design Your 80/20 Racing Rig with FrameDesigner

80/20 Aluminum sim racing rig  80/20 Aluminum sim racing rig

Design Your 80/20 Racing Rig with FrameDesigner

Many Sim Racers out there, will at some point in time consider fabricating their own rig. There are many ways to design and build your own unit, and there is a vast choice of materials to do so. As many have done, you could use common materials such as wood, or PVC tubing. The only problem you might face using these materials is the fact that they often result in a less than rigid frame.

In order to create a racing rig that does not flex, a metal welded rig would be the best solution. However, metal craft such as this is often beyond the scope of many DYI builders. That is where aluminum profiles can offer a professional finish and quality without the need for specialist tools or skills.

A popular profile is the so called 80/20 extrusion profile which is a modular T-slotted part used for frame construction. Aluminum is the most commonly used as a material. The 80/20 profiles can be assembled by use of a huge selection of fittings and accessories such as connection and angle brackets, joiners, corner brackets and more.

Before you can start building your rig, you will have to come up with a clear design before you can order the necessary components.  To help you do that, there are a few free tools available online. One good example is the free FrameDesigner software by With this design tool, you can let your imagination run wild, and design your own ultimate Aluminum profile sim racing rig.

Once you have completed your design, you will be able to print out the parts list for easy ordering. Also, you will have a rough idea of the expected cost of your design. Keep in mind that prices will vary from region to region and that the different brands might also affect the final cost. In FrameDesigner, you can use 7 profile models to design any kind of aluminum frame.

Download also provided a selection of interesting tutorial videos showing you how to use the FrameDesigner software. Find them here.

Now go and design your own ultimate racing rig.


FrameDesigner  FrameDesigner

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