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Direct Drive Life – The two first episodes

Direct Drive Life

Direct Drive Life – Episode 01 and Episode 02

James High presents the first two episodes of his new sim racing video series called Direct Drive Life.

In a weekly Youtube show, James will discuss current events and topics related to all thins sim racing with a strong focus on customized hardware, direct drive wheels and other high-end sim racing paraphernalia.

James invited his friend Shields Bergstrom who is a professional racing car driver.  Shields will perform a Talk & Drive test session using the Open Sim Wheel (OSW) Direct Drive wheel and shares his first impressions. Shields Also performs a sim driving session in the iRacing Ruff RT12r at Virginia International and is taking out the Lotus 49 in iRacing for a nutty ride at Mount Panorama.

In the second episode, James takes a quick look at the Oculus Rift CV1 Virtual Reality Headset and shares some quick tips. He also tests two 300 mm all-rounder suede rims from Sportline, and reviews the Nvidia GTX 1070… from inside his car?

Last but not least, James presents the Direct Drive Life Sim Rig of the Month segment that features a rig from sim racing gear guru, Simon Povey.