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Dirt 4 in the SimXperience Stage 4 Motion Sim – AccuForce Pro V2

Dirt 4 in the SimXperience Stage 4 Motion Sim - AccuForce Pro V2

Dirt 4 in the SimXperience Stage 4 Motion Sim – AccuForce Pro V2

For the majority of sim racers out there, a simple rig, or a wheel clamped to a desktop will be sufficient to start Sim racing. For those who are not on a budget, the basic setup soon turns into a dedicated quality racing rig fitted with a selection of hardware add-ons such as mid or high-end Force Feedback wheels, quality standalone pedals, shifters, button-boxes and the likes. The ultimate piece of sim racing hardware on many community members wishlist is most likely a motion simulator.

The North American SimXperience company is well known for their Stage range of motion platforms. The SimXperience Stage 4 Motion Sim is regarded as one of the best and most popular high-end solutions on the market. The people at SimXperience are constantly working to improve their already solid products, and are committed to supporting as many sim racing and racing game titles as possible.

One of the new titles ready for imminent release is the Dirt 4 offroad game by Codemasters. In cooperation with the software developers at Codemasters, SimXperience worked hard to ensure the best possible experience when using the Dirt 4 title with their simulator products.

Director of Sales and Marketing at SimXperience, Darin Gangi shared a video where he is testing the upcoming Dirt 4 rally title with the SimXperience Stage 4 Motion Sim which was also equipped with the upcoming SimXperience AccuForce Pro V2 Direct Drive Force Feedback wheel.

Recently, SimXperience has revealed the successor to the popular AccuForce Pro Simulation Steering System. Currently, the new AccuForce Pro V2 is undergoing its final test Stage.

Whilst retaining the same quality features and performance as its predecessor, the AccuForce Pro V2 has had its price tag significantly reduced. The price reduction has been achieved by removing the USB slip ring and changing the housing design. Furthermore, SimXperience optimized their supply chain further reducing the production cost. The controller, motor, quick release, adjustable button box, Sim Commander software and the genuine suede steering wheel will remain unchanged.

SimXperience revealed the AccuForce Pro V2 Simulation Steering System.  SimXperience revealed the AccuForce Pro V2 Simulation Steering System.

Three different versions of the SimXperience AccuForce Pro V2 will become available:

  • AccuForce Pro V2 “Complete”  – $1299
  • AccuForce Pro V2 “Your Way” – Starting at $899
  • AccuForce V2 DIY – $704

At the time of writing, SimXperience did not yet set an official release schedule for the SimXperience AccuForce Pro V2.

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