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Dirt Racing coming to iRacing (April Fool or not?)

Dirt Racing coming to iRacing

Dirt Racing coming to iRacing (April Fool or not?)

It was a long time coming, but iRacing finally confirmed that dirt surface race tracks and dirt racing cars will come to the iRacing online motorsports simulation service.

Being an American company, it does not come as a surprise that the first dirt based racing series to be featured in iRacing will be the ”Dirt Late Model Series”. However, the development of a dynamic dirt surface for iRacing might eventually lead to the inclusion of other dirt series such as super-trucks or Rallycross. According to Steve Myers, the dirt content for iRacing is scheduled to be released this year. The iRacing car modeling team have already begun to laser scan the ”Dirt Late Model”.

We know… It’s April 1. But fingers crossed because we just want to see this happen for real! It should be a natural progression.

iRacinngs Executive Vice President Steve Myers:

“We are starting a new chapter in our long history and expanding into a new branch of motorsport – dirt,” says Myers. “With the evolution of our new surface model, the next natural step was to develop a dirt surface model and dirt race cars.

“We are working closely the University of Northwestern Ohio and Clint Bowyer Racing (CBR) to create virtual dirt surfaces that match the fidelity of iRacing’s paved tracks, along with a digital version of CBR’s PEAK/Crawford Supply BWRC late model. Speaking for everyone at iRacing, I’m really excited about this project, and I’m very optimistic that we’ll be launching it this year.”


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