DOF Reality Enhanced Its Motion Simulator Offering

DOF Reality Enhanced Its Motion Simulator Offering

The North American DOF Reality company has made a name for itself designing and building affordable motion simulator platforms for home and business use.

DOF Reality is a team of passionate individuals who are dedicated to providing their customers with the best possible motion simulator experience, shipping its products worldwide, to more than over 100 countries.

Originally all the existing DOF Reality motion systems were already designed to be plug-and-play, easy to assemble, and compatible with a wide range of simulation software and hardware. However, there is always room for improvement.

That is why the in-house engineers have worked hard to perfect the Motion Simulator technology of DOF Reality, pointing out 7 fresh improvements for 2023.

2023 improvements:

  • Cardan shafts – proper power transmission without the need to move motor cylinders. Shafts effectively compensate for misalignment, reducing stress on the system and preventing premature wear and failure, adding much to a service time.
  • The braking system allows you to freeze the rig when off or E-Stop is pressed, so you can use the rig as a workstation.
  • Digital Encoders – more precision, resistance to interference, and perfect self-calibration for each motor at power on. 
  • Updated Control Box(es) with an audible warning if left on – now all digital with new professional STM32 controller providing more precision, processing power, and future features. To simplify the service process, we can now get initial troubleshooting information via a beeper inside the control box.
  • All 6 DOF simulators now come with CyberCover Safety Guard plates, for other simulators it’s possible to buy this plate as an option. 
  • Pre-assembly of key motion components. Practically this means a significant reduction in the probability of errors during assembly and assembly time by up to 40 percent.
  • Extended Product Warranty. We provide a 1-year warranty for all our simulators. Lots of our clients use DOF Reality sims for about 3-6 years hassle-free. Nevertheless, we decided to provide a paid option, Extended Product Warranty, that allows one additional year of Warranty. Thus, the final warranty can cover 2 years.

Even after that period, you’ll have the possibility to replace some parts, for example, drives, whatever you want. We care about all our customers who bought simulators in different periods, thus every part of every modification is available on demand from the very first models to the latest ones.

3 years and a month of ownership now. 37 months! Can honestly say the DOF Reality P3 has been a game changer on iRacing. I’ve run some of my best Rallycross and Road times using it. Rock solid system and can’t race without it. Just wanted to say thank you guys – Tim Rengers, sim racing enthusiast.

Igor Demenchuk, CEO of DOF Reality said; At DOF Reality we are so happy to understand that our customers, even with big real flying and racing experience, feel maximum realism and enjoy our simulators. However, there is a lot of engineering behind the maximum fidelity. Even if the product is already great and has a lot of positive feedback, you always have to work on making it even better.

And how could it be otherwise when former DIY hobbyists who have managed to grow into a serious company are working on simulators? We actively communicate with our customers to understand what else we can improve technically to make our simulators even more realistic and reliable.

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