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DOF Reality M2 Seat Mover Review By The SRG

DOF Reality M2 Seat Mover Review By The SRG

DOF Reality M2 Seat Mover Review By The SRG

Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage reviews the M2 motion platform by DOF Reality.

A full motion simulator is probably the most desirable piece of kit on the wishlist of many hardcore sim racers in their everlasting search for more immersion. Brands such as SimXperience and CXC Simulations have revolutionized the design and introduced the personal seat mover Motion Racing Simulator to both the home user and professional.  Whilst no motion simulation system could be considered inexpensive,  some brands offer a setup that is within lower budget home users reach. One of those companies is DOF Reality.

The DOF Reality M2 unit is an affordable 2 DOF (Pitch and Roll) entry level seat moving platform which uses Sim Racing Studio’s GUI as the control interface. As usual, Barry takes us on a detailed tour checking out the outside and inside of the product and performs a practical test session before sharing his final thoughts.


The DOF Reality Seat Mover M2 is available via the official website for $899+ Shipping.


Characteristic: Value
Degrees of Freedom: 2 DOF (Pitch + Roll)
Full platform motion: No
Motions Range: 16 °
Speed: 50 cm/s (82 °/s)
Torque: 24 n/m
Power Consumption: 700 Watt (peak)
Floor Foot print: 7.5×12.5×16.5″ (19x32x42 cm)
Supported pilot weight: 220 lbs / 100 kg
Upgradable: No
  Official Web Page:


DOF Reality M2 Seat Mover