Drift21 Update – BMW E46 And V8 Engine Available

Drift21 Update - BMW E46 And V8 Engine Available

Drift21 Update – BMW E46 And V8 Engine Available

ECC Games has deployed a new update for its Drift21 Early Access title. Besides a few fixes, the new update brings us a brand new content in the form of the BMW E46, and a powerful V8 engine.

For hardcore Drift fans, the BMW E46 probably needs no introduction, as both the E36 and E46 models of the German brand are just about the most popular drifting cars for beginners in many countries around the world. Furthermore, this update also adds a powerful V8 engine to the Drift 21 warehouse, which after tuning, can easily deliver over 1000 horsepower.

ECC Games confirmed that there are more features planned for release during September, stating we can expect a brand new track and a new multiplayer mode.


Drift21 BMW E46



New content

  • Added new car – BMW E46
  • Added multiple BMW E46 presets for Quick Race mode
  • Added tuning car parts for BMW E46
  • Added new engine – V8
  • Added multiple tuning parts for the V8 engine
  • Added parts crucial for the V8 engine and previously released cars


Fixes & changes

  • Fixed an issue with Subaru BRZ suspension parts being incorrectly assigned in the dyno
  • Fixed an issue with roll cage clipping through the car seat in Mazda RX8
  • Small changes to Mazda MX5 headlights
  • Small changes to cameras in Subaru BRZ


  Official Webpage – www.eccgames.pl


Drift21 V8 Engine