DRM REVIVAL MOD – Final Update V1.32 Released

DRM REVIVAL MOD - Final Update V1.32 Released

While I have been a modding team member for a long time, a few years ago I stopped covering modding projects. However, there are a few exceptions, and for me, one of the most important ones is the DRM Revival Mod by the DRM Modding team. A labor of passion covering the machines that made me a car racing fan all those years ago.

Back in April 2018, the DRM modding team released their awesome DRM Revival mod for the Assetto Corsa racing simulator. This hugely popular mod represents a quality virtual version of the awesome Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft Gruppe 5 Touring car and Sportscar racing series from the late ’70s and early ’80s.

Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft – Gruppe 5

The DRM Revival Mod will recreate the fast and spectacular DRM Cars that were raced from 1972 to 1985. The DRM Group 5 series was divided into 2 groups. Division 1 was made up of iconic cars like the Porsche 935 Turbo, Lancia Beta Monte Carlo Turbo, and the Zakspeed Turbo Ford Capri’s with engines ranging from 2000 cm³ up to 4000 cm³ and Division 2 cars with less than 2000 cm³ such as the Zakspeed Ford Escort, BMW 320i.

Many of the drivers have become household names in the international racing scene. Hans Heyer, Rolf Stommelen, Klaus Ludwig, Manfred Winkelhock, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Harald Ertl and Toine Hezemans, to name a few.

As with all of us, also the “real life” obligations of the modding team took their toll, leaving less and less time for the modding hobby. Nevertheless, the DRM Modding Team continued working and now released what should be the final update for the DRM REVIVAL MOD for Assetto Corsa. Version 1.32, brings you a good number of changes and improvements to various parts of the mod, including graphics, sound, and physics updates.  

The team should be proud, as the DRM Revival Mod has become one of the most interesting mods of the last few years. And the story might continue… Depending on the details regarding the upcoming Assetto Corsa 2 title, the team might be back bringing the awesome Group 5 cars to the new platform. Fingers crossed.

Changelog Update V1.32

Important Note: Please delete the old version and/or make a backup.


  • GRAPHICS: reworked LOD for C and D, optimizing meshes and object count, spare more than 45.000 polys and some textures
  • GRAPHICS: change the black wheels for LOD D with new mapping on the skin ( painter please update the skins )
  • GRAPHICS: working gauge for oil pressure, oil temp, fuel pressure (only  CSP)
  • GRAPHICS: reworked textures for the dials/gauge with better resolution 
  • GRAPHICS: refraction and self-lighting headlights 
  • GRAPHICS: added new shader and material settings for the cars (only CSP)
  • GRAPHICS: reworked colormap for the BBS wheels
  • GRAPHICS: exhaust smoke like the turbo vehicles of the time (only CSP)
  • PHYSICS:  removed rain tire, use  the tire from the CSP extended physics
  • PHYSICS:  corrected CoG all cars
  • PHYSICS:  change tire explosion temperature from 180 to 230 Celsius

PURIANO 1H / 1H 2​:

  • GRAPHICS: fixed missing rear window bars on LOD A
  • GRAPHICS: fixed the headlights for LOD B,C 
  • GRAPHICS: new texture for the steering wheel
  • GRAPHICS: reworked rear light
  • SOUND: reworked sound with more effects (inside/outside)

PURIANO 3H / 3H 2:

  • PHYSICS: added the “Gurney Flap” into the aero rear wing section
  • GRAPHICS: fixed the rear transparent grille
  • SOUND: reworked sound with more effects

RMT 1N:​

  • GRAPHICS: modified flame direction 
  • PHYSICS: reduce slipping clutch
  • PHYSICS: modified suspension on front and rear
  • PHYSICS: corrected aero position (body, front, rear )            

RMT 121 / 1-3:

  • GRAPHICS: inside surface of the tires for LOD C closed
  • GRAPHICS: fixed the wrong banner for LOD B/C at the RMT 121_3
  • GRAPHICS: fixed error in the flames.ini
  • GRAPHICS: fixed  mapping of the headlights in LOD B,C
  • SOUND: new inside sound and added effects for the outside sound
  • PHYSICS: added 0,2 bar turbo boost between 5.800 and 6.500 U/min
  • PHYSICS: reworked suspension and fixed some issues
  • PHYSICS: fixed the front and rear wing position
  • PHYSICS: change the brake parameter (bias, heating, torque)
  • PHYSICS: reworked aero parameter for body, front, and rear wing (drag, lift) 


  • ​GRAPHICS: smooth mesh of the steering wheel
  • GRAPHICS: reworked flames, shift light, and brake light
  • PHYSICS: optimized collider
  • PHYSICS: added some more drag to the rear wing 
  • PHYSICS: softer rear suspension ( bump and rebound  )
  • PHYSICS: corrected aero position (body, front, rear )
  • SOUND: reworked transmission sound


  • SOUND: new inside and outside sound 
  • PHYSICS: new AI parameter

CARMA 1 / 2:

  • GRAPHICS: texture improvements for the rear wing
  • GRAPHICS: fixed wrong mapping of the rear frame
  • GRAPHICS: new rear light and brake light
  • GRAPHICS: reworked rim texture ( Carma 1 )
  • PHYSICS: optimized collider
  • PHYSICS: reworked rear wing aero 
  • PHYSICS: corrected inertia 
  • PHYSICS: corrected aero position (body, front, rear )


  • GRAPHICS: fixed the rear transparent grille
  • GRAPHICS: corrected gauge light 
  • GRAPHICS: fixed dash texture
  • PHYSICS: added the “Gurney Flap” into the aero rear wing section
  • PHYSICS: reworked rear aero
  • PHYSICS: reworked suspension for more FFB feedback


  • GRAPHICS: fixed the headlight option in the setup ( change headlight )
  • PHYSICS: stiffer front spring and bump rates 
  • PHYSICS: modified inertia


  • ​PHYSICS: modified inertia
  • PHYSICS: modified brake torque and performance curve
  • PHYSICS: Fixed AI upshift rpm

Official Webpage – www.drm-modding-team..com