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Empty Box about VR / Oculus Rift, Triple Screens and Sim Racing

Empty Box about VR / Oculus Rift, Triple Screens and Sim Racing

Now that the Oculus Rift VR headset is up for pre-order, Empty Box shares his thoughts regarding the types of displays we tend to use for sim racing.

The hardware available for Sim Racing has come a long way. Only a few years ago, the only sim racing related peripherals were a toylike steering wheel and two plastic pedals. Nowadays a vast array of simulation equipment is available to enhance our hobby. Direct Drive Force Feedback Wheels, Hydraulic pedals, and lifelike shifter units have become more or less common.

On of the most important pieces of hardware is the display. While a large number of sim racing enthusiasts are using a simple single screen solution, many members of the community have upgraded their racing setup with a triple screen solution. For the last few years, the triple screen setup was considered the ultimate display system.

These days a lot of  sim racers are wondering whether it would be beneficial to replace or supplement their classic monitor systems with the new and cutting edge VR equipment. As with all new technology, a VR solution comes with its own pro’s and con’s.

While driving a Richard Burns Rally session, Empty Box deliberates the question at hand.