Endurance Motorsport Series Game Announced

During the Nacon Connect live stream, Publisher Nacon, and developer (Kylotonn) KT Racing announced that they are working on a brand-new racing title named Endurance Motorsport Series.

The accompanying trailer does not reveal any details but the title makes it more than clear that Endurance is the key topic. The video shows us some animations of a Porsche 911 992 GT3R, and a Porsche 963 LMDh Hypercar, and the tag “Race as a driver, win as a team” hinting at some sort of racing and strategy mix.

While a title such as this makes us instantly think of a WEC or ELMS game, its not very clear how this would work, as these licenses are currently owned by competing publishers.

Endurance Motorsport Series is scheduled to release on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S somewhere in 2025. I will keep you posted when more details are shared.

Official Game introduction (Quote):

Endurance is one of the most demanding and comprehensive requirements in motorsport. In this sport, more than in others, the key to success lies in perfect team coordination. Endurance Motorsport Series lets you experience this not only in the role of driver but also in the heart of the pits as a racing engineer.

Endurance Motorsport Series provides unique gameplay in which the way you adapt your decisions and race strategy to events (incidents, weather, etc) is just as important as your driving skills. You will have to find the best balance between speed and consistency in your search for victory.

In addition to the genuine challenge posed by the duration of the races, one of the prominent features of endurance racing is that it is multi-class. You progress through a selection of the best Hypercars, LMP2s, and GTs from the major car manufacturers.

Developed using the KT Engine, which has been specifically developed for motorsport simulation, the Endurance Motorsport Series offers realistic driving and faithfully reproduces some of the world’s most legendary tracks.

We will be sharing more information about Endurance Motorsport Series, its game modes, and its innovative approach in the coming months!

Official Webpage – kylotonn.com